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My Family

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fun For All at Hatton Adventure World .. A Guest Post from Granny.

Fun For All at Hatton Adventure World .. 
A Guest Post from Granny. 

So Thursday, I was on Granny duty with Lily, Ryan and their little cousin Evie. 
Their ages vary quite a lot which left me wondering what we could possibly do that would keep a 10 year old and a 6 and 5 year old all entertained. Luckily for me, I had been given tickets for Hatton Adventure World nearby so we packed a picnic and off we went.

Hatton opens at 10am so we arrived just after and parked really easily as there was plenty of free parking. When you arrive you walk through an attractive courtyard with lots of tempting craft shops which unfortunately the kiddies dragged me past but I intend to return to visit them soon. The grounds are large and open and laid out with a tempting array of activities. We had been given a timetable leaflet on arrival of set activities that started at 11am, so we took a look around the animal park which had lots of cute baby animals, hundreds of guinea pigs and a large section of exotic animals like spiders and snakes. 

Ryan and Evie loved being able to hold a snake while Lily and I hid.

At 11am it was time for the Easter egg hunt organised by a very huggable Easter bunny. There were plastic eggs hidden in a large grassy field and for each one found and there it could be exchanged for a real chocolate egg. We found the maximum of 6 eggs and were rewarded with a big handful of delicious eggs that of course would be eaten after lunch!!

There was so much to do, we spent some time driving diggers around a lovely track surrounded by fields of goats and donkeys. Next up, it was time for a puppet and magic show in Hattons own little theatre. It was great fun for both the children and adults alike, with lots of puppets and funny tricks. Lily was ecstatic to be chosen to help a naughty bunny do some tricks on stage and was rewarded with a balloon of a bear on a unicycle. 

After all that, we headed for lunch. There are a couple of restaurants if you want or as we did there are masses of picnic tables to eat your own food. Food took a second place as the kids would take a bite then run off to a huge sandpit or a quick bounce on the trampolines. There are slides, swings, climbing frames, the kids didn't know what to go on next.

After lunch we were panning for gold and all got a medal for finding 10 pieces each. We were at the small fairground for an hour, it has three rides, two bouncy castles and a large blow up slide, we could have been there longer but we wanted to see the indoor play area.

The indoor area is in the same building as one of the restaurants and the food looked very tasty and good portion sizes from what I could see. The kids loved it. There are three slides of varying steepness so all ages are covered along with lots of crawling and climbing areas. 

It was all very clean and well maintained. By now we had been at Hatton for more than 6 hours and the kids had not stopped running and playing all day, it was time to go. But not before a quick stop at a lovely sweet shop on the way out for a treat for on the way home.

I have to say that I have not mentioned half of the activities available at Hatton, we just did not have the time  to do everything in one go so we're planning to return as soon as we can.

It was a smashing day we had together, days like this make me so happy to be a Granny.

Disclosure: Guest Post by Granny .. Fiona Churchley.

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