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My Family

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Are You Ready for Valentine's Day 2020? Maybe My Gift Guide Can Help Out.

Are You Ready for Valentine's Day 2020?
Maybe My Gift Guide Can Help Out.

Valentine's day is fast approaching and will be here before we know it. Just 3 weeks away now, I'm already starting to panic about it. I never know what to buy my guy as he's so awkward to buy for. He doesn't want 'mushy' gifts as he's a 'Man' so that rules out like 90% of the gifts. I tend to look for more practical gifts, something he can use rather than keep.

If you're struggling like me, I've put together a little Gift Guide to give you some ideas.

For the man who likes hats, we have a gorgeous Frencis Black & Grey Montagna Beanie from Trend Him which costs £35 and could make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for you other half. With it's Danish design, it's made of a soft and warm blend of materials making it very cosy for these Wintery months of the year. It's available in a wide range of colours so there's a colour perfect for everyone. My man loves simple colours so this black & grey is perfect.

For the man who likes to snack, we have some Super Salted Caramel Crispy Protein Gnawbles from Creative Nature which cost £27.90 for a box of 18 packs of 30g portions. These Super Salted Caramel Protein Gnawbles are crispy little nibbles of pea protein coated in Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate are deliciously moreish. They're Free From all Top 14 Allergens, making them  suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers and with 43% less sugar than the market leading brand, you can enjoy your favourite snack without having to worry about eating too much sugar! They could be great for the healthy man in your life.

Sticking with foodie gifts for the man who loves a sweet treat of two, we have OGGS 2 Pack Chocolate Fudge Cakes which are Egg Free and Dairy Free. They're a cheap and cheerful kind of gift for the cake or chocolate lovers out there. They're a cute little treat for V Day.

One last treat for the foodie lovers out there are these Nim’s Valentines Apple Crisps. Because nothing says romance like sharing a big bag of crisps with the man you love. By popular demand Nim’s is launching a limited edition, crimson coloured, Red Love Apple crisps in time for February 14th 2020. These Great Taste award winning apple crisps are Valentine’s red all the way through to the centre and have a mouth wateringly rich apple aroma. Sounds Sweet! The sharing bags will cost just £1.95 a bag so again, they'll make a nice affordable sweet treat for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle in 2020. 

Sticking with treats though, we have the Limited Edition Rhubarb & Custard flavour White Hot Chocolate from Whittard. Take a trip to the halcyon days of vintage sweet shops with their Rhubarb & Custard hot chocolate, reminiscent of the childhood confectionery favourite. They've layered sherbet sweet flavours of rhubarb and creamy custard on a white chocolate base for a lip- ickingly luscious pink (yes, pink!) treat. It's a lovely little treat at £9 for a 350g jar and is now available online and in stores. It's definitely a little different but perfect for warming up your winter nights at home. Who wouldn't love a pink hot chocolate?

If you're looking for a more exciting gift, how about an experience gift from Red Letter Days? With thousands of experiences to choose from and an easy to use website, what's not to love. They have everything from Spa Days to Afternoon Teas, Bungee Jumps to Fast Car Driving experiences. I choose a gift which you can read all about real soon for us to try. For our Valentine's Day, we'll be treated to a Three Course Dinner with Glass of Prosecco at Gaucho for Two. I'm so excited, It's going to be so romantic and delicious of course. Yay!

This one's a little quirky but so perfect for the man who loves his trainers more than his mrs like mine. The Sole Mate Sneaker Cleaning Kit from Atlantic Folk costs £25 and comes with two bottles of ultra effective cleaning fluid in a cute little gift set tin. It separates dirt from footwear like nothing you've used before. It’s the perfect balance of effective stain fighting and kind on colours. It's a cute little gift that a trainer loving man would appreciate a lot.

Next up we have a really fun gift for the outdoorsy kind of men in your life. The Wicked Body Bubble Ball. You can crash, bash and smash with the winner of the Best New Outdoor Toy award at London Toy Fair, the Wicked Body Bubble Ball! The 4 foot inflatable protective bubble let’s you collide into each other in perfect safety thanks to the durable vinyl and multiple air chambers. Perfect for playing bubble football or bubble bowling, they’re great fun for everyone. The inbuilt safety harness stops falls and injury so you can bounce away without getting hurt. It costs £50 so it's not cheap but it's lots of fun. Be aware that you will need to buy two of them if you want to play a game together so that's a cost of £100.

Last but not least, something for the organised ladies in your life, the Makeup Train Case from Ellis James is a lovely luxurious make up case perfect for organising all your makeup. It has 12 Multi sized brush or tool slots, a large main compartment with 4 removable velcro dividers and a removable zip pouch for all your on the go essentials. Made of soft touch quilted nylon with a wipe clean interior. It's also nice and padded for even extra protection. I know if I received a gift like this for Valentine's Day, I'd be more than happy, it's so lovely.

So, that's it. Nine lovely Valentines' Day gifts perfect for the love of your life. I do hope you've had fun looking through my Gift Guide and hopefully you've even found some ideas or inspirations to help you find the perfect gift for your Mr or Mrs this Valentine's Day.

Disclosure: This Gift Guide includes Gifted Items which I received Complimentary but they were all hand picked by myself and all opinions expressed are 100% mine and honest.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Wedding Planning - Present Place Designs and their Beautiful Wedding Money Request Poems.

Wedding Planning - Present Place Designs and their Beautiful Wedding Money Request Poems.

Present Place Designs is a small, family run business that creates beautiful wedding stationery for your special day. Barry and Krystal, the owners, design and print wedding stationery for your big day. Krystal has an artistic flare and designs all of their products herself and Barry is the spreadsheet/numbers guy, together, they make the perfect team!

The big thing that I needed was a Wedding gift poem to put in with my Invitations as we've been together so long that gifts wouldn't really be helpful for us. We decided to ask for small amounts of money toward a honeymoon afterwards instead if they wanted to gift us with something. I'm not expecting everyone to give us money, it's just if people would like to. I myself, would just be happy with them attending and helping us celebrate our big day. 

It's strange really how the Universe works as the day I was actually searching the internet for my perfect poem, I received an email asking me if I'd like to try a product from the Present Place Designs website so naturally it was meant to be and I jumped at the chance.

This morning my beautiful Wedding Money Request Poems in Dusky Pink on Cream cards arrived and they're perfect. They're just what I wanted. For the small price of just £8 for 50 cards, I'm really pleased with them and now so excited to get them into my invites.

Present Place Designs have some lovely ideas of ways to remember your big day. They make Wedding Advice Cards where guests can leave little notes of advice for the Bride and Groom which is really sweet. They come in the form of cards or coasters which you can keep. They also do Song Request Cards where guests can pick songs from the DJ.

The Present Place Designs website have some really lovely ideas for your big day. I love my little poem cards and can't wait for my guests to see them. Seeing these this morning has got me all excited again as I'm actually getting married THIS year. Eeek. I can't wait!

If you're getting married this year or next even and want something similar for your wedding, why not take a little look and see if they have something you'll love as much as I do. 

Disclosure: I received my Wedding Money Request Poems (pack of 50) complimentary for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed within are 100% honest and my own.

Monday, 6 January 2020

#Win a Cadbury Thank You Chocolate Gift Set

Win a Cadbury Thank You Chocolate Gift Set 

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it's started off on the right foot for you? 2020 is an exciting year for us here as we're getting married! It's going to be a year of joy and celebration for us so I just wanted to share our happiness with a little giveaway to say 'Thank You' for all the support you've given us over the past few years. We do appreciate it.

One lucky reader is going to win this lovely gift set full of Cadbury treats delivered right to your door, paid for by me. It's the perfect gift to say thank you to you all! The Cadbury gift box is filled with a Cadbury Dairy Milk 200g bar in a special 'Thank You' gift sleeve alongside a Cadbury Dairy Milk and a small selection of your other favourite Cadbury bars. It looks great. I know you may have had enough of chocolate over the Christmas holidays - so sorry!

To WIN - Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to complete as many or as few of the entry options as you like. It's completely up to you how many you do but remember, the more entries you do, the more chances you have to win. 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random after it closes on Friday 31st January  - Open to the UK Only - Good Luck xox

This is not a sponsored Giveaway - The Prize is paid for by myself.

Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App. 
This Giveaway is only open to the UK. The giveaways ends on Friday January 31st x

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Goodbye 2019 You've been our Hardest Year yet.

Goodbye 2019 You've been our Hardest Year yet.

2019 has been a year of love yet troubles and a year of fun yet hardship. It's been one of the hardest years of my life so far. So much happened that was out of my control and impossible to fix. We've had unexpected changes in careers which led to a shuffle in finances, teenagers acting up and a huge family fall out that's let us a member short here. 

My daughter, now 17, fell in with the 'wrong crowd' which is every mothers nightmare. Times were hard and things got difficult, almost impossible in the end. Choices were made in her best interest and now, my child no longer lives with me which is absolutely heart breaking. She needed a fresh start, a chance, away from here to put herself back together and find her own way. She now lives with her Dad who's taking care of her. I know she is safe and doing well but I miss her so much. Christmas hasn't been the same this year without her but I've tried my best to keep it happy for my younger children, as they're completely unaware of what's been happening around them and I hope to keep it that way for as long as I can.

For now I just have to keep going as best I can. Sadly life goes on and even though only two of my children are here at home with me right now. I am the Mother of 3 beautiful children and I absolutely adore them all. Life changes and they grow up fast, and things happen in life that we may not expect or want to happen. Things that are out of our control and beyond us but life goes on and will continue to do so whether we are ready for it or not. That's life!

2019 you have been tough. You have been hard. You have been testing.

2019 I am so relieved that you're almost over. 2020 is going to be our year. 2020 is going to be better. 2020 is feeling hopeful and fresh and new for us. It's got to be better surely?

2020 will see my first born turn 18, my 2nd daughter turn 13 into a teenager and my youngest turn 10 into double figures. 2020 will see me turn 38, almost 40 - eek, and will hopefully find me a new career. 2020 will be the year that I marry the love of my life and have the biggest celebration that we can afford to bring a little joy to our families in this time of uncertainty and troubles. I'm hoping that 2020 is a year to look forward too.

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!

Thank you all for staying with me in 2019 and I hope to see you still in 2020.

From all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Dairies - Thank You x

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Marvel Universe Live in Birmingham #Review

Marvel Universe Live in Birmingham

We're all huge Marvel fans in this house so last year when we saw they were doing a live show, we were thrilled. It's been a long wait but yesterday, our time finally came and boy were we excited. We've been to watch many shows live but nothing quite like this one. Marvel is known for being action packed, dramatic and full of adventure and battles.

Yesterday we went to see Marvel Live at the Arena Birmingham in town. The Arena was packed out with excited children and grown ups, many of whom were dressed up as their favourite Marvel characters. We saw lots of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and more. Ryan didn't want to rock a full costume so he donned his Iron Man T and hat instead.

The show was packed full of stunts, special effects and even fire from start to finish. 

We saw: Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America,Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow and The Guardians Of The Galaxy ALL Unite in a race against time to defeat Thor's evil brother Loki in an epic quest to defend the universe from evil. The battles were fantastic, so well choreographed. Characters were 'flying' everywhere and spinning, tumbling and falling too. It was so good to watch, you know it's a good show when it ends way too soon.

We could have sat and watched it all night - it's a real treat for Marvel fans.

Marvel's mightiest heroes face off against some of the most threatening villains in the Marvel Universe. Loki, Nebula, Yondu, Green Goblin, Electro, Rhino, Black Cat and More.

Marvel Universe Live is a fantastic show for the whole family. With it's gripping stories to keep you hooked and amazing stunts to keep you entertained. This has got to be one of the best live shows we've seen this year. We all had an amazing time and loved every minute of the show. We hope they do another one next year as we'd really love to go and see it again.

My boy Ryan and Daddy finally found a show they could enjoy together. They sat chatting about the scenes and shouting along with the characters. There was lots of 'Boos' and 'Cheers' when battles were won or lost throughout. It was really nice to see them joining in.

We would definitely recommend going to see Marvel Live if it's coming to you. 

The show ran from Wednesday 18 September all the way up until today Sunday 8 December where it's last show will be held here in Birmingham this afternoon. The ticket prices were from £26.00 to £57.75 which was a fantastic price for the show we saw.

If the tour returns next year, which we really hope it does, we can do it all over again.

Disclosure: We were gifted tickets to the show for the purpose of this review.