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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

RCA Viking 10L 10.1-Inch Touch Screen Tablet #Review

 RCA Viking 10L 10.1-Inch Touch Screen Tablet

If you’re looking for a good quality tablet at an affordable price, the new RCA by Venturer,  Viking 10L could be the perfect choice for you. It operates on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and has a 10.1 inch touch screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 800. It features a Quad Core 1.3Ghz processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. The RCA by Venturer has packed a mighty punch into this small tablet. We've been testing ours out for several weeks now and have to say it's a lovely little tablet. It's easy to use and does it's job well.

The Viking 10L offers impressive versatility allowing you to use various memory cards, data transfer devices and cables for charging and connecting to TVs, including standard and micro USB, mini-HDMI and microSD, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. With a single charge guaranteeing you six hours of fun, a two megapixels rear camera as well as a front facing camera, the new Viking 10L is the perfect companion for your travels, commute or for learning on the go, as well as an amazing gift for children. I should know as my children haven't put it down since it arrived. I have had my fair usage of it too though so don't worry too much. It's a great 'family' tablet that's suitable for all ages to use easily.

The setup was really easy and really quick, from the moment you turn it on, there's a step by step guide to help you set it all up. It took no longer than ten minutes to complete all the steps. I love the size of this tablet as it makes catching up on the soaps much more enjoyable with it's larger screen. There are lots of pre loaded apps all ready for you to use which again makes life so much easier. The kids loved how easy everything was to find on it, they were happily watching their favourite You Tube videos in no time at all. As far as Android tablets go, the RCA Viking 10L is a great tablet. The battery lasts a decent length of time, the sounds are clear and the camera is decent too. We've enjoyed playing with it over the past few weeks and have to say, we've not had any problems with it. Everything is simply laid out and easy to use, even the kids can do it without any help from the adults.

There's not a huge amount that I can say really about an Android tablet as they all do the same job. They're all pretty much set out the same (on purpose) so each one is the same to use, it just makes things easier that way. The only major differences you'll find between brands is the shelf life and the price which for this one, both are pretty good. It's a tablet I'd happily let the kids play with freely without having to worry about it breaking for the price. 

We've not had any issues using it and not come across any problems with it which is good news. Everyone has enjoyed using it and will continue to do so for months to come, I hope.

The RCA by Venturer Viking 10L has an RRP £99 and is available from Amazon

Disclosure: We received our RCA Viking table for free in return for an honest review.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Days Out: Character Breakfast Weekends at Cadbury World

Character Breakfast Weekends at Cadbury World 

This morning we set of in the sunshine for a fun filled day at Cadbury World in Bournville. 

We were invited to share some magical moments with the lovable Cadbury characters as we tucked into a delicious breakfast treat all set up in a private area of the Cadbury Café conservatory. It was all set out really nicely, the tables were laid out with activity sheets and colouring crayons for the kids to keep them occupied whilst we waited (which wasn't very long) There was a great choice for breakfast which you chose when you book online. Three of us went for the Full English Breakfast, whilst Ryan went for the American Pancakes, Banana, Chocolate sauce and Cream. There was plenty of photo opportunities to pose for selfies, high five Freddo or dance along with the rather charming Caramel Bunny. The Character Breakfast are not just breakfast though as they also include priority entry into Cadbury World and its two rides, the 4D Chocolate Adventure and The Cadabra Ride.

The Character Breakfast is only available on selected weekends: 

7th-8th, 14th - 15th & 21st - 31st July.

Visitors are asked to arrive at 9:30 am with entry into Cadbury World then at 10:20 am. Character Breakfasts must be booked at least 48 hours prior to arrival at Cadbury World.

Breakfast Prices start from £6.99 per person plus your standard admission. All breakfasts are served with a choice of orange juice, tea, coffee or, of course, hot chocolate.

Our breakfast with the characters was great fun, the kids really loved it. The staff were so friendly and helpful and everyone made a real effort to look after the children. Breakfast was delicious and the drinks were great too. Lily's hot chocolate did look really good. Ryan's favourite part was at the end where we were all given two full sized bars of chocolate each.

Once breakfast was over, we then headed into the Cadbury World Tour which is always great fun. Lily and I have both been a few times before but it was a first visit for Ryan and daddy who were looking forward to seeing how Cadbury all began. There's a lot to see and do once inside. Lots of visual shows and games to play and join in with. My favourite parts are always the factory parts where you get too see how it's all being made and even have a go at some of things they're doing too. We got to write our names in chocolate which was fun and then got too taste some too which was even better. I mean who doesn't love a cup or warm melted chocolate covered in two toppings of your choice from the section available.

There was Fudge pieces, Crunchie pieces, Marshmallows, Popping Candy and more.

Cadbury World is such a great place to visit, if you've never been before, it's well worth going. You get to learn so much about how it all started and how it came to grow so big. 

Once outside, there's loads more fun to be had. The 4D Chocolate Adventure was really good, you get to sit in a big comfy chair that moves along with a fun film. I won't spoil what it was all about but there was bubbles, water and lots of wind too. Both Lily and Ryan loved it.

Also outside there's a big play area which is fab, the kids could have stayed there playing all day but sadly Mummy forgot the sun cream so we didn't want to stay out in the sun too long. In the Cadbury World on-site marquee, there were lots of exciting entertainment shows going on which are all included in the standard ticket price. From story time with Caramel Bunny to Party time with Freddo, there's some great shows to get you in out of the sun.

It's been a lovely day and we've all had a lovely time. Ryan can't wait to go again some day. 

If you think you'd like to find out about visiting Cadbury World or attending one of their Character Breakfasts you can here at: .

Disclosure: We were invited to a Cadbury World Character Breakfast for free in return for an honest review. All opinions and photographs are all 100% honest and all my own.

Monday, 2 July 2018

McDonalds Table Service - Making Life a Little Easier with #YourNewMcDonalds

McDonalds Table Service - Making Life a Little Easier with #YourNewMcDonalds

A few weeks back I showed you how to use the New McDonalds Click and Collect App

Today I'd like to show you how the addition of Table Service to the restaurants could make your visits so much easier.

McDonald's introduced table service to make their customers lives that little bit easier whether you've got your hands full with shopping bags or full with children who're trying to escape. the Table Service option is the perfect way to relax and make dining in McDonald's a whole lot easier. By placing your order on the digital kiosks, you can select an option at the end to have your food brought over to your table for you.

Most McDonald's now have this option which is really great for us busy Mums. I use it all the time with my lot. The Grove Lane restaurant has recently undergone a refurbishment and now has brand new kiosks with trackable Locator Tokens which were pretty cool. The Grove Lane restaurant has the most up to date version of table service, which is being rolled out across restaurants this year. The new system uses trackable locators to help the crew members locate where you're sitting and deliver your food.

They're really easy to use, you'll get a screen like the one show above where you simply enter the number on your Locator and off you go. When you've found the table you'd like to eat at, you pop your Locator onto the table and wait. Table Service not only makes your visit much easier but the staff told me they really like it too, as it takes the pressure off customers waiting for food at the front of the restaurant and provides the staff with more opportunities to interact with their customers which they always love doing.

Table service at McDonald's is such a good idea as it means Mums don't have to leave their children unattended and people in general can just relax and not have to stand around waiting, which makes the whole restaurant just feel so much happier. I kind of wish they'd had this service years ago when my children were younger, it would have made our visits much easier.

Table Service is for everyone, you don't have to have children or a hand full of bags. I've used it when I've been on my own and still received my food with a friendly smile and a Hello. Sometimes you just need to sit down for 5 minutes and enjoy a food break, or two.

McDonald's has really come a long way in the last few years, It's a place to relax, meet friends, spend time with family and so much more. It provides a friendly service and supports so many staff members in their roles as well as helping community members too. Times have changed for the better and it's pretty awesome.

When I visited the Grove Lane restaurant in Cape Hill I got to speak to the lovely Franchise Afia Sirkot who's spent the last 17 years building up her business. She told me all about her work force who she liked to call 'her family' all 100+ of them. McDonald's is all about teal work and helping people whatever stage of their lives they're in. Afia really inspired me with all the work she does for the community and the support she gives to the Ronald McDonald House Charity here in Birmingham. She does some amazing work, I'm not quite sure how she fits it all. Sponsoring local football teams, providing kits for children who need it and running lots of fundraisers showing local children how to raise money for the,selves. 

Afia told me "It doesn't matter if you've not got much. You can still become something".

Disclosure: This post is written in association with McDonalds. 

All opinions expressed within this post are 100% honest and all my own.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

ROBLOX Celebrity - Series 1 #Review

ROBLOX Celebrity - Series 1 

This week we've been playing with the brand new ROBLOX Celebrity figures from their Series 1 range. We've been lucky enough to review ROBLOX toys in the past so we were very excited when we were asked to check out their newest additions. I mean who doesn't like a Celebrity? After seeing my kids reactions to these toys, I know my kids now do.

Above: Celebrity Collection Top Runway Model Set

Above: Celebrity Collection Pixel Artist

Above: Mystery Figure Surprise Packs

ROBLOX from Jazwares are a fun range of collectable figures aimed at children aged 6 years and up. The Celebrity range is full of bright and colourful characters, with lots of fashion accessories and interchangeable parts like different coloured wigs, props and pets.

Ryan and Lily were so excited when they arrived and they couldn't wait to open them all. Out of all the toys we were sent, the Mystery Figure Surprise Packs were their favourites. 

Priced at £4 each, they're great 'Pocket Money' toys that children can collect, swap and share. I love the fact that there are lots of girl characters in the range making them suitable for girls as well as boys. There's some great characters, Lily is now after a Mermaid one. 

We've opened our Mystery Figure Surprise Packs, check out who we got.

Above: Super Hero Life: Starlass

Above: Initiate of Glorious Flight

Above: FuzzyWoooo

Lily and Ryan are delighted with their new ROBLOX additions and can't wait to collect more. They're going to be doing lots of chores this week to earn some pocket money to buy them. It's a win, win situation really, they get new toys and I get a clean house. ROBLOX are lovely little figures, great for creative, fun play and getting their imagination going.

Disclosure: We received our ROBLOX toys in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Head of Steam Birmingham - More than Just Beer! #Review

The Head of Steam Birmingham - More than Just Beer! 

Last night I got a VIP Preview inside Birmingham's newest venue of food, cocktails and specialist beers. The Head of Steam, will open on Temple Street where it will host some of Birmingham’s local brewed beers, including Birmingham Brewing Company & Dig Brew Co.

Established in 1995, The Head of Steam has 13 pubs across the North of England in cities such as Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, and Liverpool. As well as launching in Nottingham and Leicester earlier this year, it is preparing to open more venues further down the country.

Birmingham has an ever growing chain of pubs and restaurants popping up all over but for me, this place has something different to offer. They have an amazing drinks Menu filled with Beers, Cask Ales, Cocktails, Gins and so much more. I love the fact that they have Beers to impress every man and serve quirky cocktails to please the ladies too. This place has the best of both worlds and it's not just welcoming to people, as dogs are welcome too!

The decor is pretty impressive, with a mixture of high seated tables and side booths, there's a real trendy feel to this place. The bar sits in the middle, serving round all sides of it's island. The bartenders were all very friendly and chatted away whilst serving us our drinks. 

If you're a Gin lover, then you will love this place as the whole section you can see pictured in front of me was all Gin. I'm not a Gin drinker myself but even I was impressed with all the different varieties they served and the glasses - there was just so many pretty glasses.

My friend Toni and I sampled a few of the drinks on offer for research purposes of course and have to say everything was fab. My favourite drink of the night would be their Pick Me Up (£7.95) a sparkling little number with blended passionfruit delights topped with prosecco. It's mixture of sweetness from the passionfruit with the dryness of the proseco was lovely.

Toni loved her Steamy Martini (£7.95) which is their very own version of the well known Pornstar Martini but with an added Head Of Steam twist. Toni enjoyed it that much, she ordered another. She was mighty impressed with the cute hearts design that had been lovingly hand crafted onto the top. It's something you see on coffees all the time but never on cocktails so that was a lovely thing so see. We did let our waiter know how great it was.

It's safe to say, the cocktails were delicious and the Brummie Pale Ale was pretty good too. 

The Head Of Steam doesn't just do drinks though as they serve food too. The Menu contains a real mix of tradition foods like Fish & Chips, Burgers and Pies but also has some interesting dishes like Korean Inspired Squid. I gave that one a miss but I'm sure someone would be impressed. We happily feasted on a selection of their dishes and have to say, it was all good. From Starters, to Light Bites, Full dinners to Sides. All our food was tasty.

My highlight was the Mac & Cheese sides (£3.00) they were super yummy. So fresh and tasty. Served hot, the mac and cheese was all gooey and cheesy, just like it should be. I quite happily ate all 5 of them even after I was full up. They were just too good to waste. 

Toni's highlight was the Strawberry & Rhubarb Cheesecake (£4.25) which looked pretty good. She said it was delicious and the flavours were just delightful. It must have been as she demolished the whole lot before I even got a taste. I even had to stop her from licking the plate. As far as Cheesecakes go, I'll take Toni's word that this one was a good one.

We both had a wonderful evening last night checking out The Head Of Steam Birmingham and have to say, it's definitely our kind of place. Good food and Great drinks served by really friendly staff in a gorgeous new setting, what more could we have asked for?

You'll be glad to know that The Head Of Steam Birmingham officially opens to the public today (June 7th) at 5pm so if you're in the city centre, pop in and check it out for yourself.

Disclosure: We were invited guests at the Head Of Steam Press Night. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and all my own. The photo's too.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Who says You can't look Pretty at bedtime? See my Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set from UK Lingerie #Review

Who says You can't look Pretty at bedtime? See my Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set from UK Lingerie.

Generally when we think of bedtime, we think of oversized granny nighties or complete cover ups lounge pants and oversized T's. Myself, I mainly wear a pair of cotton lounge pants and a vest top to bed, completely mismatched, boring and completely unflattering.

UK Lingerie kindly offered to change that for me and let me choose myself something new to wear to bed from their website. They have lots to choose from and something for all. I tried my best not to choose more of what I already have so went completely out of my comfort zone and went for the Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set.

Dreamgirl have created the perfect bridge between practical and sexy with this cami and shorts set. It's comfy and practical yet sexy too as the snug fit, short shorts and that details lace in places gives it that extra little touch that's needed. It's a really beautiful set.

I was hoping to show you a picture of me wearing it but I'm sorry to say that I chickened out. It fits so well and does make me feel so much better than my comfy old PJ's ever did but I decided that a picture of me in my PJ's isn't something you'd want to see really so I spared you that image. Instead I took pictures of the set laid upon my bed so you can get a idea of what they look like in real life. I usually wear a size 12 in clothing so went for a size Medium in these and they fit nicely. The top is tight but not too tight, it's just nicely fitted. The shorts are short but not too revealing that I couldn't still wear them round the house. I may save them more for nights away or nights when the children aren't home as they're a little more revealing than my kids are used too but they are lovely and I look forward to wearing them.

 This Dreamgirl Cami set will cost you £47 and is available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Mine is a Medium which fits me perfectly and I'm a size UK 12.

I love my new PJ's, they're so pretty and girly. They make me feel better about myself when I wear them, I feel much less like just Mummy and a whole lot more like 'ME' again.

UK Lingerie have so many beautiful cami sets to choose from. They don't just have cami sets though, they have more comfy and practical PJ's too if you'd prefer them.

I'm so happy with my new PJ's and I look forward to wearing them again soon.

Disclosure: I recieved my Cami Set from UK Lingerie for free in return for an honest review.

The Three Horseshoes, Sheldon #Review

The Three Horseshoes, Sheldon Review

The Three Horseshoes, Sheldon has recently re-opened following a big refurbishment, with a whole new look and updated menu. They're local to Yardley and Marston Green and offer a friendly service. We popped in for our first visit today to check out it's new look and upon first glance, the place seemed clean, tidy and welcoming. There's a few nice booth areas for dining customers and then lots of smaller tables set out throughout the place for drinking customers. We spent around two hours in total in the pub and noticed that most of the tables were occupied by elderly males, drinking beer. It seems like a very traditional pub who's locals enjoy meeting there with friends. We didn't see anyone else eating or any other young children other than two teenagers sat with parents. Don't get me wrong, everyone was friendly enough, it's just a little odd eating your meals when surrounded by drinking folk.

I was thinking maybe the areas needed to be divided a little better giving dinners a little more space to eat. Maybe then, the place would feel a whole lot more family friendly.

After checking out the Menu which had plenty of choices, we finally decided on what we'd like to eat. Being a Sizzler's Pub, everything comes served on piping hot skillets but you can request for your food to be served on a plate instead if you wish, that's not a problem.

Daddy went for their Rump Steak Platter which was two 8oz steaks served with chips, tomato and mushrooms but Daddy requested his without the tomato and mushrooms.

When you order steaks you can add a sauce so he also added the Creamy Diane. The meal was well presented although the onions under the steak were a little raw and the skillet was not sizzling like it should have been, Daddy did comment that his skillet wasn't very warm to touch. The chips and the sauce were both very nice and the steak was OK, Daddy is a little fussy when it comes to his steak as he likes the best steak on the menu, he said it was good but just a little fatty and it was a bit odd that the steaks came cut up into smaller pieces.

I went for the Chicken Katsu which was a nice sized piece of chicken served on peppers accompanied with a pot of sauce, a bowl of rice and a rather large prawn cracker too.

 My meal was lovely, I enjoyed it all and would happily order it again sometime.

Lily also went for a steak off the adults menu, this time a 5oz steak though.

Again the onions it was served on were very raw but the skillet was very hot this time we did have her meal transferred onto a plate minus the onions which she didn't want. Lily's steak was a much better piece and was free of fat and cooked nicely. She enjoyed every bit and managed to finish her whole meal without anything being left over and eat by someone else.

Ryan had a meal from the children's menu. He wanted fish fingers with chips ad beans. You could choose from two meals, one for under 5's where you'd get 2 fish fingers or one for over fives where you'd get 4 fish fingers. Being 7 now, Ryan happily went for the 4.

Ryan's meal was very well presented and came out on a small plate. It doesn't look very big but it was just enough for him to eat and there was no complaints from him at all. 

We ordered two sides to share between us all too as no meal is complete without onion rings and a side of chips loaded with bacon and melted cheddar cheese. They were yummy.

For pudding I went for my favourite, Treacle Sponge. I had it minus the custard as that's how I like mine and have to say it was sweet and sticky and good. Just like it should be.

Lily went for a Mint Aero Sundae from the adults menu and I think it's safe to say she was happy with it. Just look at her face, they do say a picture says a thousand words.

Daddy didn't want a pudding as they didn't have any of the Cheesecake he'd wanted but Ryan had a simple chocolate chip cookie from the children's menu that he was happy with.

Overall, we all had a nice meal and were well looked after by the friendly staff there. The children enjoyed playing in the children's corner which had a teddy bear claw machine and another similar style game for kids to play on. I could see that the pub have tried heir best to try and make children feel welcome but the whole place did have a much older feel to it. 

This was our first visit to the The Three Horseshoes, Sheldon. Most of our visit went really well and the kids seemed to enjoy their meals but I do think we'd have to go back some day and see if it still felt the same as it might have just been a one off on the day we visited. 

Have you been to the The Three Horseshoes, Sheldon before?

Disclosure: We were invited to try their new menu and given a discount on our visit. 
All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own.