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Friday, 8 July 2022

Otherworld Birmingham - The ultimate VR Experience #Review

 Otherworld Birmingham

The ultimate VR Experience

Otherworld Birmingham is a brand new virtual island paradise on our doorstep. 

Departing right now from Birmingham, on Bennett's Hill, you and your friends can be transported to the OTHERWORLD: a virtual island paradise. Their Immersion Pod Technology features Wind, Heat & Rumble features so that your body will feel everything as your mind explores their incredible new worlds. Scattered across the island you'll find the world's best virtual reality games & adventures, just like in a virtual theme park. 

You step through the Departure Lounge and into your own VR Pod where you put on your equipment: hand controls, goggles and headset, ready for your experience to begin. You step into your pod alone but you're not alone for long as, as soon as you step into the virtual reality, all your friends are right there with you. Standing side by side in the Otherworld, you can then choose together where you want to go, what you want to play and what you want to experience. There's four Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each season has a selection of games and experiences to choose from. Summer has the warmer settings and Winter has the colder ones, as you'd expect from them being named after the seasons.

We booked in for a 55 minute experience which was great fun. During our time inside the Otherworld we chased zombies, swung from really high trees, slid down the side of a mountain and battled each other in a robot stadium. We also got to cuddle some really cute bunny rabbits before throwing them to gain points, but that's another story altogether.

The VR experience is very real, I think I walked into the pod wall a few times. You can feel the warmth of the sun and the wind in your hair. You can even feel the floor rumbling at times too. You know it feels really real when you have to close your eyes to get away from it. Lets just say the zombies backed me into a corner and I didn't want to watch myself die.

My partner and I are very competitive so let's just say, he wasn't very happy when I ranked 1st out of the two of us. He did beat me at every game we played but I managed to win by collecting the 100 points icons that I'd collected along the way so do look out for those. 

Visiting Otherworld was so much fun but I did need a quick sit down afterwards and that's where their awesome self service bar comes in very handy. Otherworld Birmingham's bar is made up of a 16 tap self serve drinks wall plus two bottomless soda guns.

The departure lounge's tap wall features Peroni, Asahi, Lucky Saint and Elephant Riders, plus a wide variety of delicious cocktails from Black Lines. I enjoyed a Rum Punch! The bar is open to the general public regardless if you have booked the experience or not. You can feel free to visit at any time to pull a drink and enjoy the light show on the walls which is cool.

Otherworld makes for a cool night out. We really enjoyed it and would definitely go again.

Prices vary depending on the date, time, and session length you select but generally it will cost you between £14 and £48 for your experience. Check out the Bookings page on their website to see all of their available times and prices. Weekdays are the cheapest times.

Visitors need to be aged 16+, or aged 12+ if accompanied by a parent or guardian.​ The headsets are designed for use by adults, so for children there might be a loose fit.​ Be aware they have a full service bar, the atmosphere may be less suitable for children after 6pm.

If you want a break from this world and want some fun, head to Otherworld!

Disclosure: We were gifted our experience in return for an honest review. 

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