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My Family

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Birthdays and Choosing the Right Gifts? Wicked Uncle Can Help. (Ad)

 Birthdays and Choosing the Right Gifts? 

Wicked Uncle Can Help. (Ad)

My kids may get a little older each year but choosing the perfect birthday gifts doesn't have to get any harder. My youngest child recently celebrated his 12th birthday this month, they sure do grow up so fast. For those who don't know me and my family, I have 3 children. My eldest daughter Chloe who's 19, Lily my middle child who's 15 and Ryan, my baby who's now 12.

Birthday's are always made fun but we don't go overboard in our house. Each birthday they get to choose what they would like and I choose what I think they need. They get a little of each and are generally happy with what they recieve. Birthday's are of course about the gifts but they're also about family time, having fun and cake, it's always about the yummy cake.

Although the gifts they may want change over the years as they grow, that doesn't have to mean that shopping for them has to become any more difficult. This year my boy is really into sports and loves his football so most of the gifts he had asked for on his birthday list were of course football related. He wanted training equipment mainly so we bought him a new kickboard, a practice goal and a keepy uppy aid to help him this year. He would have loved anything football related just like most 12 year old boys would have, he was happy.

Wicked Uncle have a feature that I really love. They have an age option which lets you search their gifts by age so for me, I just clicked on the age 12 option and I was taken to all the age related gift ideas that a 12 year old could want. Of course the suggestions may not be perfect for every child but for my boy, they were pretty spot on. There was lots of football related gifts like their Smart Ball which a cool looking football with lights and sound that lets your kids count along with their tricks. There was lots of games and puzzles just right for his age and some glow in the dark T Shirts which he would have loved to. Retro sweets were also on our list of suggestions which I actually did buy him a small hamper of too. 

There was some great gift suggestions, like fact books and stationary items. But best of all, is that there's a gift wrapping option too so everything you buy can be sent straight to you already wrapped and ready to hand over which for a busy mum like me, is great news.

This year my gorgeous grandson Roman will be turning 2 and I'm already excited to choose his birthday gifts for him. With a little help from the Wicked Uncle age selector, I think I'm going to buy him something musical like their Magic Touch Guitar or a Clever Composer Tune Table. He loves music so these would be great choices to help him get involved a bit more.

So whether you're a manic mum, a doting dad or even a great grandparent, Wicked Uncle could help you buy the right toys for your children for their birthdays. It's a really easy sight to navigate and they really do have some lovely gifts for all ages and all budgets too. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by myself for Wicked Uncle.

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