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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain at The Alexandra Theatre #Review

 Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain 

at The Alexandra Theatre Review

Tonight was all about Barmy Britain and it's Horrible Histories but what an utterly brilliant night it was. This two man show uses the comedy of song and 3D special effects to take you on an amusing journey through time. Historical figures and events come alive on the stage before your very eyes. Tonight the cast was Rex (Jack Ballard) and Roger (Morgan Philpott) Both of them was amazing. They held the audience attention from start to finish and made you laugh along with them and their crazy antics. There was lots of farting, rude words (Boobies) and silly songs but the kids absolutely loved it. It's definitely a kid friendly show.

There was lots of audience participation required, so we sang along and clapped all night. I really loved how the actors spoke directly to the audience throughout the show and really made the kids feel like they were part of it all. My boy hasn't laughed like that for a while. 

There was lots of talk about poo and murder and all things horrible but we also learnt a lot about Britain's Barmy History. This show was a lovely mix of fun facts and horrid truths mixed with humour and silliness. It's a fun night for all ages, young and old as we saw tonight.

The first half was great and very entertaining but for us it was the second half that made our night. The 3D effects were really great and made us all jump a few times. I've never seen a live show in 3D before but it worked really well and added that something special. 

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain is running at the Alexander Theatre from Wed 1 Dec to Sat 4 Dec 2021 so you'll need to be quick if you'd like to go see it. Ticket prices start from just £13 and really are worth every penny. We would more than happily recommend Horrible Histories Barmy Britain for a fun family night out at the theatre. It's Horribly Delightful!

Running Times are: 

Act 1: 50 mins 
Candy Interval: 20 mins 
Crossed swords Act 2: 55 mins

If you love Horrible Histories then You'll love this LIve show.

Disclosure: We were invited to the press night. All opinions expressed are my own.