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Sunday, 22 August 2021

Micro Toy Box Miniature Collectibles #Review

 Micro Toy Box Miniature Collectibles

There are big things in store for mini toys this year! Micro Toy Box Collectables let your kids unbox highly detailed, quality miniatures of all the best loved classic and contemporary toys and games. They bring back some great childhood memories for us adults and some new ones for the children. My boy loved peeling and revealing these collectable replicas. 

There's different sized packs available to buy. You can choose 5, 10, 15 or 20 miniature toys per pack, plus stickers. 
All your favourite toys and games have been made mini. Just unwrap and reveal the surprise mini toys that come in every pack. What surprises will you unbox?

There are 50 miniature micros toys from: Rubiks, Barbie, Nerf, Hot Wheels, My Little Pony, Hasbro games e.g. Monopoly, and more! There’s even a handy collectors leaflet to check off your surprise reveals. Have fun building your collection and swapping with your friends.

Ryan loves the miniature Hot Wheels cars and the little Transformers Robots. Some of the classic toys have given us great conversations about the toys Mummy used to play with when she was little. Like the little plastic telephone with the face on it and the Glowworm, which I loved. It's like a trip down memory lane looking at some of these old classic toys.

The smallest pack available is the 5 pack which costs £6.99 and the biggest pack is the 20 pack which costs £19.99 but there are other sized packs available in between those. They're all now Available now from Smyths Toys Superstores! We visited our local store last week to find our 20 pack, as Ryan wanted to have a look through them all and choose his own. I love the idea that most of the toys are on show so that you can pick which ones you want. We do love the surprise ones but it's good that they're not all surprises so you can avoid getting too many duplicates. We do have a few of the same toys but they're in different colours so they don't actually look like they're all the same which is a very clever idea.

They're not suitable for children under 3 years as the parts are very small. Ryan is 11 now and loves this kind of thing. The Micro Toy Box Collectibles have a lot going for them. My boy loves the hidden surprise elements, the unboxing of packets elements and of course the total cute factors. He loves them so much that he now wants to collect them all so he best get saving his pocket money or at least I know what to buy him for Christmas this year. 

Can you spot any of your favourite toys?

Disclosure: We received our Micro Toy Box Collectibles in return for an Honest Review.

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