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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Treetop Adventure Golf Opens in Birmingham #Review

 Treetop Adventure Golf Opens in Birmingham

Last night I had the pleasure of a sneak peak inside Birmingham's newest Treetop Adventure Golf attraction which opens to the public from tomorrow, Monday May 31st at 10am. You'll find it all bright and welcoming on the lower mall of the Bullring.

My first impressions were of surprise, at how big it actually was inside, as the building goes back way further than you'd ever imagine. Once inside, it's very dark and atmospheric and pretty cool if I'm honest. There's no booking, so it's just turn up and play. There's two different 18 hole courses to choose from, so you can play one or both like us if you want. We love golf.

Opening Hours are: 

Mon – Wed: 10am to 10pm
Thurs & Fri: 10am to 11pm
Sat: 10am to 11pm
Sun: 10am to 10pm

Price List: 18 holes (1 course)

Adventurers £9.50 

Senior masters (60+) £8 

Young'uns (under 5s) £4.50 

Student putters £8 

Family of 4 £31.50

36 holes (2 courses)

Adventurers £15 

Senior masters (60+) £12 

Young'uns (under 5s) £7.50 

Student putters (+FREE bottled beer, cider, 125ml wine or soft drink) £12 

Family of 4 £48

The Tropical Trail is all about Amazonian jungle wildlife, it's filled with mysterious creatures and tropical nature. Birds, trees, frogs, bugs and more. Navigate your way through the Mystic Wood meeting The Mighty Oracle and showing off your putting skills. Avoid the toadstools of the Forbidden Funghi - they’re bewitched! I won't drop any spoiler but that tree is absolutely hilarious! Watch out if you miss that shot as that tree has an interesting reaction.

I loved the neon features and the cool effects. The golf holes were quite simple and short which made them quite easy (for us) but the extra features and surprises really made up for that so we still had an amazing time. There's lots of lumps and bumps, holes and bridges to navigate around, over and under. If you love mini golf or crazy golf, then you'll love this.

There's lots of little nods to Birmingham too which is great. I loved that.

Everything's so bright and colourful and those frogs sang to us for ages which was fun.

The Tropical Trail was definitely my favourite out of the two but both are pretty cool and each has it's own special points about it. For me, the Tree was the highlight of this Tropical Trail.

The Ancient Explorer is a trek through crumbling temples, past cryptic carvings, stone serpents, monkey royalty and a hidden gem mine. You get to navigate through the Jungle Heritage Site and putt carefully through ancient ruins until reaching The Toppled Obelisk.

Once inside the Inner Temple, you'll take on the Sleepy Head which made me laugh so much. As daddy was just bending over to take his shot, it decided to let out the loudest 
fart' noise. It was hilarious and totally unexpected but that's what I loved best about this place. There's so much that happens unexpectedly. Noises, Songs, Lights and more.

Both 18 hole courses are great fun but that's not all this place has to offer. As when you've had enough of playing golf or even if you just fancy a break in between courses, there's a really cool place you can hang out, to eat and drink too. There's delicious freshly made pizzas served from the Pizza Cabana and awesome cocktails from available from the Thirsty Toucan bar. We tried out a few and can happily give them a firm thumbs up from us.

There’s something for everyone, from family days out to student hangouts, date nights, work get togethers and celebrations. The trees are fully grown, the jungle residents have moved in, the pizza oven’s fired up and the Thirsty Toucan bar is fully stocked with tropical flavours.

We had such a fun time on our first visit that we're going to go back real soon with the kids for our second. I already know the kids are going to love it all just as much as I did and I can't wait to see their reactions to some of the things that we saw and heard on our visit.

If you're in Birmingham, I'd definitely recommend giving the Treetop Adventure a visit.

Disclosure: I was invited as a guest to play golf at the Treetop Adventure before it opens tomorrow in return for some honest feedback. All opinions expressed are all my own.

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