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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Cheeky Wipes Teen Period Pants #Review

 Cheeky Wipes Teen Period Pants

Cheeky Wipes Teen Period Pants aim to offer teenage girls confidence and comfort as they start their period journey and help take any taboo and embarrassment away. Girls at this age are very eco conscious and they want to support their eco choices by offering  them a range of sanitary products that can help save the planet too. Since 2016, Cheeky Wipes have SAVED from landfill: 25 million disposable baby wipes. 40 million pads and tampons and 5 million disposable make up wipes. That's impressive figures to help the planet.

The range of Teen Pants are washable, super absorbent and very discreet. Plus, they are super comfy and secure too. For teen girls, tampons may not be appropriate and sanitary pads can make girls feel conscious and uncomfortable. There is no need to buy the disposable products month after month as period pants can be washed and re worn. 

There's lots of different styles available, you can choose from several Mid rise Period Pants, Low rise Period Pants High Waisted Period Pants. I choose a Mid rise style called the Boyshort style for my Lily who's now fourteen years old and loves re usable period pants like these as they're great for catching any accidents or unwanted fluids during your day or nights. 

Prices are around £12 per pair which is a nice price for a pair of pants that can be used for a long time and will help save the planet whilst we do so. They're a lovely idea and they're comfortable to wear so I don't see why we wouldn't continue to wear and use these.

I was told they could be a bit tight around the leg, so I should size up and I would have to agree with this as Lily is normally a size 8 so I ordered a size 10 for her instead and they fit her perfectly.

They're easy to wash, as you can pop them in the washing machine on a cool wash like shown above. They're not to be dried in the tumble drier though so they take longer to dry but if you have a few pairs then this isn't a real problem. They're just like normal pants - only better! Lily and I both love wearing the Cheeky Wipes Period Pants. They're comfortable and stylish and won't break the bank to buy either. They get a thumbs up from us both!

Disclosure: We received our Cheeky Wipes Period Pants for free in return for an honest review. All our opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely ours.

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