My Family

My Family

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Life as England Locks Down for the Second Time.

 Life as England Locks Down for the Second Time.

Today marks the first day of England's second lockdown but it's feeling very different to the first one back in March. My place of work closed its doors last night for the next four weeks, meaning I'm now back on Furlough and staying at home. The kids are still going to school, which I am happy about as their education is important and they really suffered last time being away from their friends for so long. Daddy's still at work as his place of work is remaining open because it's classed as 'essential' unlike mine, so for now, it's just me, sitting at home all by myself. It's a very odd situation but one that I'm sure I will get used to.

After dropping my son to school this morning, I walked up to the my local high street to grab a few fridge items and some bread and was actually quite shocked to see how busy it still was. All the coffee shops and cafes and baguette shops were still open, allowing customers inside to order, wait and then take away. It didn't feel like we were in lockdown at all. 

People were standing in groups of 3 and more, talking on the street. Mums were meeting up for coffee, just outside instead of inside. People were out shopping as normal. It was strange.

Lockdown isn't going to work if we're not all following the rules as best as we can. I want to be able to spend Christmas with my family. I want to be able to go back to work in December. I want to be able to get our lives back to some kind of normal next year. I want to live again.

I for one will be following the rules of staying at home as best I can for the next four weeks to play my part in this awful situation. If we all do this, we might actually get somewhere.

But for now, we're all safe and well here, which is all that matters. 


I wish you ALL a safe and healthy November x

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