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My Family

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Building with K'NEX - Construction Sets for all ages #Review

 Building with K'NEX - Construction Sets for all ages.

Last week we received a rather awesome bundle of K'NEX from Basic Fun UK and have been happily building ever since. We started off small and built our way up, but we're not finished yet as we're actually still building and may be doing so for a short while to come.

The youngest sets aged 3 and over are super cute, bright and chunky, perfect for little builders. The Kid K’Nex Safari Mates from Argos cost just £10 are the perfect introduction for the little ones to the fun world of K'NEX. This building set contains 21 large parts and pieces with bright colours and premium quality and includes special parts and pieces that are only available in Kid K'NEX sets, such as a whipping tail and foam mane, which is so cute.

Ryan's favourite up next, the K'NEX K-Force Battle Bow Building Set from The Entertainer. Currently on sale for just £20, it's a fantastic set for the kids aged 8 years and over like mine. This set included 165 classic pieces to choose from, allowing you can build a variety of four different blasters and target models, one at a time. Included in this building toy are five soft foam darts that can be fired up to 75 feet into the air, a blaster chamber, a quick fit grip, a preload ring and two dart holders. It's a little boys dream toy this one, Ryan loved it.

There's lots of pieces but the parts all go together really easily. I love the way everything connects nice and easy making it actually enjoyable to build with. It took Ryan just over an hour this afternoon to build his Battle Bow but he was super proud of himself when it was done. He's not normally that patient when it comes to construction toys but this one, he liked and stuck with until the end. Once complete, he then had a bow to blast darts all over the house. For now, he's happy keeping it as it is but when he changes his mind, he can take it apart and build a whole new toy which is what I really love about these K,NEX sets.

We saved the biggest set until last as we knew it would take the most time, and we were right, as we started building it a few days ago and are still going.. 
The K’Nex 70 Model Builder Set from Amazon comes with 705 pieces and 70 different models to build including a hot air balloon, boats, trucks, a sand castle and more, there are plenty of ways for children to grow and develop while learning with this kids building set. It's currently priced at £40.76 which is a fantastic price for this big box of never ending fun for children aged 7 and over.

With over 70 different models to make with this set, it took us a while to choose which one we were going to create first. After a lot of deliberation , we decided upon a big truck and set to work but it took us a bit longer than the Battle Bow had. It's currently still under construction right now but I'm sure we'll be able to show you our fully working masterpiece real soon. 

Ryan and I love building with K,NEX, it's so much fun. 

I love that K,NEX is reasonably priced and there's so many sets to choose from for all ages and all price ranges so there really is something for everyone. The pieces are flexible and durable, brightly coloured and simple to click together, making play less stressful and more fun. Ryan loves that he can build and rebuild as many times as he likes. 

Our K'NEX playsets get a huge thumbs up from Ryan and I here.

Disclosure: We received our K'NEX playsets for free in return for an honest review.

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