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My Family

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Wedding Update: Adding those Final Touches!

Wedding Update: Adding those Final Touches! 

There's now just over two weeks left until our Wedding Day and I'm finally starting to get excited. Now that we have our beautiful venue all lined up, it's time to start finishing off those final touches, those little things that are going to help make our big day, a little extra special.

The Dress is all fitted and currently being steam cleaned, the suits are all bought and hanging up. The bridesmaid dresses are nearly sorted, there's just one daughter left to dress and the best man is all prepped and ready for his role. I'm still trying to confirm my room decor details which is proving a bit difficult when vendors are taking a long time to get in touch but I'm confident that it'll all come together in time. Or so, I hope it does - eek.

I had my makeup trial this week but it didn't quite go to the plan so I've now decided that I will be doing my own makeup on the day. Being a small family wedding, this isn't a problem at all. My family and partner love me with or without makeup so I'm not too worried really.

Next on my list of 'Things to Do' was finding the perfect favours and I think I found the most gorgeous ones. I wanted to treat my guests now that there wasn't going to be so many of them, to something they could keep and savour or enjoy on the day, to remind them of our special day. How special are these Mini Prosecco Personalised Bottles from Say It With Champers, they're perfect for my guests. There's 13 designs to choose from, all lovely but I choose the gorgeous Wedding Couple design and I'm so pleased with how they turned out.

Now that I have the perfect wedding favours, I feel like I can now relax a little more and get ready to enjoy the most perfect day. My Mum is baking lots lately as she's practising her cake making skills before she bakes the final masterpiece. We're having a three tier cake, one traditional fruit, a lemon sponge and a chocolate cake all covered in delicate icing with beautiful flowers and our golden cake topper. I know she's going to do an amazing job.

Thinking about what's left to do now, there's isn't that much. I have one bridesmaid dress to find for my eldest daughter, the wedding breakfast taster meal which is happening this Thursday and then it's just planning the final day running details like timings really. I can't believe that it's all starting to come together now and may actually finally happen. All being well, that Birmingham doesn't change the rules again. We just need to get through the next few weeks and we'll be married. I will finally be Mrs Christine Churchley, how exciting!

This might be my final update before the big day but if any big changes happen, I will let you know with another update. I bet you'll all be glad when there's no more wedding updates.

Disclosure: I received a small discount off the cost of my Mini Prosecco Personalised Bottles. This fact didn't influence my thoughts on the final product though. 


  1. It sounds like all the planning is going well. I hope everything comes together and you have a wonderful day.
    The personalised bottles are such a good idea. I am sure your guests will love them.
    Good luck x

    1. Thanks lovely, I just hope we make it to the wedding without any more restrictions, as my nerves can't take much more x