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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

How to choose a children’s party theme.

How to choose a children’s party theme.

Let’s face it – throwing a party for your child isn’t just fun for everyone involved; it’s also an opportunity for a nice bit of escapism from a lot of the news headlines and societal restrictions that are likely to depressing us right now. Plus, you’ve got ample excuse to organise such a party every time your young one’s next birthday looms. 

There is, though, one particular obstacle to getting started with planning a kid’s party: deciding on a theme. “After all,” you might tell yourself... “my child’s into anything and everything!” 

So, here are some tips for narrowing down your options when it comes to kids’ party themes. 

Ask your child for their input. 

Now, it’s advisable to be a little bit careful about this one. On one hand, presuming that your child is old enough – say, two or three years old – to have their own ideas about a theme, it’s great to get inspiration from them, and they’ll love feeling included in the planning. 

But on the other hand, with kids’ imaginations being what they are, they can sometimes come up with themes that are a little too specific and quirky to be able to easily plan for – for example, a specific character from a TV advert that might be here today, gone tomorrow. 

So, be ready to ‘edit’ or broaden your child’s theme suggestions if required, but do definitely ask them. The emphasis should be on you working together to come up with a theme that’s achievable and that you’re both really happy with. 

Seek out ideas online and offline.

If you’re slightly stuck for a party theme, an obvious step is to look around your home, considering the toys your child likes or what themes you might have devised for other aspects of their lives – for example, how you decorated their bedroom. 

Also don’t be afraid to look online, perhaps typing “unusual girls party themes” into Google, or browsing relevant hashtags on highly image-based social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

Another possibility is to browse the websites of online stores for party essentials, such as GO International, which has categories dedicated to popular children’s party themes, ranging from pirate and dinosaur themes to media franchises like Star Wars and Super Mario. 

You’ll then be able to pick a theme and obtain all of the required paper plates, napkins, cups and other necessary items from one place. 

Choose a coherent and focused theme.

So your little one likes Captain Jack Sparrow, Aleksandr Orlov from the Compare the Meerkat ads, and Sunderland Football Club... it’s an interesting combination, but trying to bring them together in one kid’s party is likely to produce a confusing mishmash. 

Sure, adults have pulled off children’s parties with ‘mixed’ themes before, but trying to combine too many themes for a party can slightly negate the point of giving your child’s party a theme at all. So, it’s almost certainly better to settle on one theme and stick with it. 

Another reason to pick a single theme for the party, is that it will be less stressful to source the various essentials when you know exactly what theme every single invitation, banner and balloon needs to fit in with. You won’t have to make quite so many tricky decisions. 

What do you reckon? 

Have I covered all of the most important things when it comes to children’s party themes, or are there other tips you’d share? Feel free to share your thoughts below! 

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