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My Family

Saturday 8 August 2020

Smoby Aquaplay Superset #Review

Smoby Aquaplay Superset

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in Birmingham which gave us the perfect opportunity to test out our newest toy from Smoby. My boy has always been a huge fan of water play so this one was perfect for him, even if he is a little older than the recommended age for it. You're never too old to play with water though. This fun Aquaplay Superset is packed with features designed to encourage play and learning. Kids will love moving the boat through the canals and letting the water lift the boat in the lock. They can use the crane to load the containers from the boat to the truck and back again too. It's really bright and colourful and so easy to set up, we literally had it all up and ready in about 10 minutes which was great. It was much easier to put together than I had thought it would be. This great value set is just one of many so it's extendable too. You can add all sorts of extensions, other playsets and accessories making your water play fun as big as you'd like it ot be.

 There's lots of lovely little features on this set to make their water play more fun. Ryan loved using the interchangeable locks to watch how the water moved from one space in the set to another, I don't think he'd seen anything like that before other than in books so he had great fun exploring the feature for himself. There was a water pump to play with and a ramp and movable crane too. Ryan played with this set for hours yesterday in the sunshine and didn't get bored at all. He loves water play, always has, but this set takes water play to a whole new level than we're used too. Who knew a playset could teach you so much about the movement of water and still be so much fun at the same time. Both Ryan and I really love this set and would happily recommend it to all our friends and family. It's quite a large set but it fits nicely into the back garden. Our garden is on a slight slope so our water was always running off downhill so  would recommend you try keep it on a flat surface for the best play. 

The Smoby Aquaplay Superset from Very costs £54.99.

Disclosure: We received our Smoby Aquaplay Superset in return for an honest review.

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