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My Family

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Tomy Games - Sushi Scramble & Greedy Granny #Review

Tomy Games - Sushi Scramble & Greedy Granny

It's been a long few months as the schools are still closed, for us, so the kids are still at home. We've never been at home for such a long period of time before so it's all still quite new to us. Find things to do or play is getting much harder now so when Tomy Games offered to send us some games to play inside, we were overjoyed and happily accepted. 

We have quite a wide selection of board games in our house so we chose some more light hearted fun games for a change. Sometimes the simple games are the most fun games.

Sushi Scramble is a real delight. Each player picks a card from the pile which shows their Sushi shopping list on it and then has to grab their required pieces off the moving chopping board before the Sushi Chef chops them all up. It's a quick, fast paced game but not too crazy. You need to use your chopsticks to pick up the pieces of Sushi and the player who gets all their pieces of Sushi first, Wins! It's that simple. It's aimed at children aged 5 years and over for between 2 to 4 players. Both Lily and Ryan loved this game. It's so easy to play and doesn't take much setting up so you can literally play straight from the box which is ace.

The chopsticks are nice and chunky so little hands will be able to hold them easily. We love how bright and colourful everything in this game is, making it really appealing to the eye. It does require 3 x AA batteries which are not included but everything else you need to play is included inside the box. We've had lots of fun playing the Sushi Scramble game and will do so again, and again, I think. It's a real joy to play, we couldn't find any bad points about it.

Greedy Granny is a scream! Or at least that's the sounds I heard when we played it. 

We absolutely loved this game, it's full of mischievous fun that all the family will love. Granny loves her biscuits. So much so that she’s fallen asleep with a whole tray of them on her lap – what a Greedy Granny! Your mission is to take a biscuit of each type from Granny’s tray as carefully and quietly as you can whilst she sleeps but one wrong move will wake her up and send her teeth flying. Greedy Granny is full of suspense and will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Lily screamed every time Grannies teeth flew out which was so funny.

Suitable for 5 years and up. 2-4 players. No batteries are needed for this game but some assembly is required as you will need to pop Granny's chair together before play but that's really easy to do and only takes a few seconds of your time. Each player takes it in turns to spin the wheel to see what they'll need to do on their turn. You may be directed to take a biscuit or put even one back but you will need to the press the button on Granny's chair as many times as your spin says to do so. On one of the presses the chair will suddenly sit forward, waking Granny up and sending her false teeth flying out of her mouth - eww! 

Again, both Lily and Ryan loved this game. It was a nice silly game that brought pure enjoyment to them all. It's easy to play and lots of fun. Like I said before, sometimes the simple games are the most fun to play, and I was right. The kids loved these games.

Tomy Games are great fun and with such a huge choice available to choose from, there's a game for everyone. They have games for all ages and abilities and all amounts of players.

Lily and Ryan are more than happy with the games they chose.

Disclosure: We received our Tomy Games in return for an honest review.

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