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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

So Sand DIY – Sensory Studio #Review

So Sand DIY – Sensory Studio Review

There's just something so satisfying about playing with sand, isn't there? It's so calming and peaceful, yet also very exciting and fun too. This week we've been playing with the So Sand DIY Sensory Studio set from Canal Toys which has been so much fun. It retails at £24.99 and is aimed at children aged 6 years and upwards. You can create your own magic sand using the formula provided and then use the studio and all it's super cool features to unleash the ultimate sensory satisfaction locked within your sand. There are more than 12 different tools available, so you can cut it, shape it and smash it, over and over again! Yay.

Included inside the So Sand DIY Sensory Studio box is:

  • 1 Sensory Studio
  • 5 Sand Bags
  • 5 Bags of coloured sand
  • 5 Decorations bags
  • 2 Sand Containers
  • 5 Tools
  • 3 Tools 2 in 1
  • 1 Mat with patterns
We loved making the sand using the easy to mix packets. Making the sand yourself allows you to make whatever colours you like. We made everything from sparkly pinks to greens, blues and yellows. They're all so pretty and extremely mesmerising to play with. We could have quite happily sat there playing with the sand alone, it was that much fun but luckily we didn't have to as the Sensory Studio offers a whole host of other fun ways to play with it.

The So Sand DIY Sensory Studio was a huge hit in our house and the fun isn't over just yet as the sand containers that are included allow us to save our sand for play another day. We think it's a great set that's lots of fun to play with. It provides hours of entertainment for the whole family and doesn't make too much mess either. We covered our table with a plastic tablecloth to avoid a messy disaster but it was all OK as not much mess was made anyway.

There are more So Sand DIY sets available if this one's not for you but we'd happily recommend it for all the sand or sensory toy lovers out there. Both Ryan and Lily loved it!

Disclosure: We received our So Sand DIY Sensory Studio in return for an honest review.

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