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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Personalised 3D Printed Vitamins by Nourished #Review

Personalised 3D Printed Vitamins by Nourished 

I've been back at work for two weeks now and the tiredness is of doing all the extra hours to help out due to staffing shortages, is starting to get to me. I used to take a liquid Tonic as a child to help boost my immune system as I didn't eat much fruit and veg in my diet. My diet hasn't got much better even now that I'm fully into adulthood as I still struggle with a healthy diet. I've tried taking vitamins but most of them come in huge tablet form which I struggle to swallow so I just can't take them as I would like. That was until a few weeks ago when I heard about Nourished and their personalised 3D printed 'gummy' vitamins. They sounded right up my street. A vitamin with all the nutrients I need but in a chewable form - perfect!

Nourished gets you to complete a questionnaire about yourself and your lifestyle and what it is that you want to improve in it, and then puts together a 7 layer stack personalised just for you. Each vitamin or superfood is chosen to help you achieve your goals and compliment your lifestyle, but you can easily switch them out for others if you wish too.

This is Christine's stack which is shown above for you. It's made up of:

White Kidney Bean Extract to help with weight loss. 
Careflow Mango Powder to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. 
HydroCurc & Black Pepper Extract high levels of curcumin which is a anti-inflammatory.
Maca Powder to boost my energy levels.
LactoSpore Probiotic to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.
Cordyceps to helping to improve stamina.
Ginseng to restore and enhance wellbeing.

The Instructions are simple: Just take 1 Nourished stack every day.

You can Subscribe to receive a 28 daily stacks box delivered to your door every month. 
If you pay monthly it costs £39.99 a month which can be cancelled at any time or you can pay annually for £360 (saving of 25%) a year or you can buy a one off box also at £39.99. 

The innovative technology which makes Nourished so unique is the result of 18 months of R&D by the Nourished team in their facility in Birmingham. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods currently used in the vitamin industry, the Nourished 3D printers allow them to make each order on demand which achieves optimum efficacy of the product. This in turn gives the active ingredients a much higher impact than those which have been through a long supply chain; being imported from overseas, sitting on a retail shelf and then finally in a bathroom cabinet for months. Nourished have also developed their own vegan encapsulation formula which allows them to combine the active ingredients into one product without them interfering with each other. This not only allows for personalisation and convenience, it also gives each stack up to 70% more absorption than a standard pill, as it is consumed as a gummy and digested into the body much more quickly and effectively. 

So far so good, I've really been enjoying being able to take vitamins again. I'll be honest with you, they don't taste as good as they look but then again, when did anything that's good for you, taste that nice. They might not taste that good but they're easy to chew and swallow and really give you that little extra boost in your diet that you need so they are worth taking.

If you would like to try the Nourished 3D printed Personalised Vitamins for yourself, I'm happy to have a lovely discount code for you to use with your first order so you don't have to pay full price which is awesome news. The discount code will apply £15 off the 1st and 2nd box when you subscribe to a personalised or Life Stack box  -  MINE15 is the code to use!

You could save a total of £30 by using this code, £15 of your 1st box and £15 off your second box. But be quick as the MINE15 code will sadly expire on the 31st July.

Disclosure: I received my Nourished Monthly Box in return for an honest review.

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