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My Family

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Week 13 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - Going Back to Work

 Week 13 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - Going Back to Work

Today marks the last day of Week 13 at home and I'm feeling very apprehensive. There's been a lot of changes happening out in the world this week and so many more are on their way too. From July 4th Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels are allowed to reopen to the public which is great news but are things moving too fast? After being told to stay at home to stay safe these past few weeks, it feels a little scary to start venturing back outside right now.

And Weddings are finally being allowed to take place from July 4th for 30 guests so this could be good news for our October Wedding. Receptions are not allowed at the moment but I'm hoping that may change in a few months time but if it doesn't then we'll just get married in a smaller ceremony to make it official without the party. The party doesn't matter.

Today marks another important milestone in our Covid journey for me as today is my very last day on Furlough as my employer has taken us all off it for our return to work full time next week. There's no part time Furlough option for us even though I had so hoped that there would be as it would have made my no child care situation a whole lot easier. One half of me is so excited to be going back to work, with real adults and adult conversations but the other half of me is absolutely terrified about the Virus still being out there. It's going to a tough week but I know that I've got to try and get back to normality at some point, and now's the time. Sadly though with our shop on reduced hours, I will be getting less money back at work than I was not being at work, try figuring that one out. It's a real blow to my finances.

Daddy is still on Furlough from his job so he will be remaining at home for now. At the beginning of this thing, I'd though he would be back at work way before me but that hasn't been the case for us so from tomorrow I will gladly be handing over the role of homeschooling teacher to him. It's been a tough journey for me as I am no teacher so that's one thing I will be glad to see the back of. As much as I love my children, I don't love teaching them at all. It's stressful and complicated. So, Daddy - I wish you lots of luck.

The kids schools are still not allowing them back to school and don't have any plans in place to have them return any time soon. It's such a shame for them as they continue to learn from home. There's only a few weeks left now until they would have been breaking up for the Summer holidays so there's no point of trying to go back before September now. But, I do hope that they can return in September because they really need to get back into a proper learning routine with proper teachers and proper time tables. Being at home is fun but getting them to do their work is getting harder by the day when they just want to play on their pads and tablets and not do any work at all. I'm not worried about their safety but I am a little worried about their mental health and the long term impact this may have on them.

In other news, my last born child will turn 10 next week. 10! My baby boy is going to be a double figured age, and I am feeling very old. It's like 10 years has just gone in the blink of an eye. Although I often tell you about my youngest two children, you all should know that I am a Mummy of 3 children. My eldest chooses not to be included on here anymore now and that's completely fine, it's her choice. She's going to be 18 this year - 18! She's all grown up now and ready to start her own journey. Our family dynamics are changing really fast these days, but for good or for bad, they're my family and nothing will change that - I love them all.

Covid 19 has sure changed the way 2020 was supposed to happen for us, all of us.

I hope you're all coping well and that you're all safe whatever you're up to. This may be my last Covid 19 Diary but who knows what's in store for us so watch this space . . .

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