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My Family

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Week 13 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - Going Back to Work

 Week 13 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - Going Back to Work

Today marks the last day of Week 13 at home and I'm feeling very apprehensive. There's been a lot of changes happening out in the world this week and so many more are on their way too. From July 4th Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels are allowed to reopen to the public which is great news but are things moving too fast? After being told to stay at home to stay safe these past few weeks, it feels a little scary to start venturing back outside right now.

And Weddings are finally being allowed to take place from July 4th for 30 guests so this could be good news for our October Wedding. Receptions are not allowed at the moment but I'm hoping that may change in a few months time but if it doesn't then we'll just get married in a smaller ceremony to make it official without the party. The party doesn't matter.

Today marks another important milestone in our Covid journey for me as today is my very last day on Furlough as my employer has taken us all off it for our return to work full time next week. There's no part time Furlough option for us even though I had so hoped that there would be as it would have made my no child care situation a whole lot easier. One half of me is so excited to be going back to work, with real adults and adult conversations but the other half of me is absolutely terrified about the Virus still being out there. It's going to a tough week but I know that I've got to try and get back to normality at some point, and now's the time. Sadly though with our shop on reduced hours, I will be getting less money back at work than I was not being at work, try figuring that one out. It's a real blow to my finances.

Daddy is still on Furlough from his job so he will be remaining at home for now. At the beginning of this thing, I'd though he would be back at work way before me but that hasn't been the case for us so from tomorrow I will gladly be handing over the role of homeschooling teacher to him. It's been a tough journey for me as I am no teacher so that's one thing I will be glad to see the back of. As much as I love my children, I don't love teaching them at all. It's stressful and complicated. So, Daddy - I wish you lots of luck.

The kids schools are still not allowing them back to school and don't have any plans in place to have them return any time soon. It's such a shame for them as they continue to learn from home. There's only a few weeks left now until they would have been breaking up for the Summer holidays so there's no point of trying to go back before September now. But, I do hope that they can return in September because they really need to get back into a proper learning routine with proper teachers and proper time tables. Being at home is fun but getting them to do their work is getting harder by the day when they just want to play on their pads and tablets and not do any work at all. I'm not worried about their safety but I am a little worried about their mental health and the long term impact this may have on them.

In other news, my last born child will turn 10 next week. 10! My baby boy is going to be a double figured age, and I am feeling very old. It's like 10 years has just gone in the blink of an eye. Although I often tell you about my youngest two children, you all should know that I am a Mummy of 3 children. My eldest chooses not to be included on here anymore now and that's completely fine, it's her choice. She's going to be 18 this year - 18! She's all grown up now and ready to start her own journey. Our family dynamics are changing really fast these days, but for good or for bad, they're my family and nothing will change that - I love them all.

Covid 19 has sure changed the way 2020 was supposed to happen for us, all of us.

I hope you're all coping well and that you're all safe whatever you're up to. This may be my last Covid 19 Diary but who knows what's in store for us so watch this space . . .

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Why do Daily Living Aids make a difference?

Why do Daily Living Aids make a difference?

Daily Living Aids are the little things that many people rely on to make life easier around the home or garden. For many people, it's the simple tasks that can be the hardest, and this can be for a whole host of reasons. Most commonly, difficulty in doing normal household tasks can be due to a disability, or it can also be due to general weakness that comes with advancing years, or from recuperating from a recent injury or strain. For many people, even just using a normal kettle can create difficulties, as just lifting and coordinating your grip can be hard, especially if the grip is weak and even the weight of an empty kettle can create problems.The Uccello Kettle is a Combination Kettle with Tipper, which means that it does the job for you in making pouring a hot drink easier and safer in the home. The Uccello has an effortless power-steering pour action. The weighted base of the Uccello Kettle swivels on a rotating axis to help you pour hot water more safely and steadily so it’s a highly useful aid to have in the kitchen. Coming in at around £55 including VAT, it's a little expensive for some, but it's a very useful gadget that you’ll probably use every day. 

The Kitchen Workstation, is a device that's lightweight and portable and has almost too many food prep options to mention them all here but for the slippery carrot or escapee sprout, their days are numbered! What we really like about the kitchen workstation, is that it’s very versatile in that it can hold steady almost anything you need to cut, slice, grate or dice. Using it therefore leads to a better end result in your cooking. It can be used for the preparation of salads, vegetables, and a wide range of baking applications, freeing up your hands when whisking, spreading, or slicing. 

It's those little jobs that can be the very hardest, so a welcome addition to any kitchen is the 
Multi Use Tin Opener which has been designed to help out on that particular issue that creates difficulty for so many (not least the pesky ring-pulls snapping off) At just under £5 it's a real godsend. It enables you to easily open cans or tins with a ring pull, pressure sealed bottle caps, open tins, lift tin lids and open stubborn jar lids. It's very useful to have around in the kitchen! So, in answer to the question, why do Daily Living Aids make a difference, it’s about their ability to make jobs in the kitchen and home easier and less time consuming. 

Manufacturers are constantly evolving designs to make new products to help you solve ever wider problems for more people. So if you would like to see more ideas, for different parts of your home and garden, check out the category page here. Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury, recuperation and protection of joints and muscles when exercising or just helping you out in normal daily life. Whatever the reason, you’ll find their website here

Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Post.

Hasbro Play-Doh Buzz 'n Cut Barber Shop & Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set #Review

Hasbro Play-Doh Buzz 'n Cut Barber Shop & 
Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set Review 

This week whilst still at home, we've been busy playing with Hasbro's Play-Doh Buzz 'n Cut Barber Shop & Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set. Both sets are aimed at children aged 3 years and over and are a real treat for Play-Doh lovers like my two, who have been so happy playing with these. They're nice creative sets that really get their imaginations going.

First up, we have the Play-Doh Buzz 'n Cut Barber Shop which was a huge hit with Ryan. 

The the Buzz 'n Cut barber shop is the perfect place to visit for a silly haircut or a shave. Simply fill one of the 2 characters with play-doh and place them in the chair, and turn the crank to grow hilarious hair or a bristly beard. It's all very simple and easy to load and unload. Ryan could happily do it all by himself which is great news for Mummies as you can relax for a little while. The set includes: a Fuzzy Pumper playset, electric buzzer with real sounds, 2 character thimbles, a razor, pair of scissors, a brush, 5 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound in 5 different colours and a set of easy to follow instructions. 

What we loved about this set is that you can create a new and exciting, fresh and funky look every time. It never gets boring and you can mix it up even more by adding little bows, cool braids, manly mustaches, and other accessories with the half molds on the bottom of the playset . A good tip to remember when cleaning up in between plays is to use the little brush  that's provided to remove any leftover Play-Doh bits from the characters’ heads which does tend to get stuck. I found the brush got all the bits out in no time ready to grow your next colorful hair do. There are so many different hairstyles to make again and again.

Next up we have the Play-Doh Tootie the Unicorn Ice Cream Set which Lily loved. 

Meet Tootie, the funny unicorn ice cream maker who loves to create silly Play-Doh sundaes. As she dispenses (poops) Play-Doh colours from her you-know-where, this unicorn toy makes laugh out loud (fart) sounds and even changes her facial expression as her eyes move. This play ice cream set comes with a large 4 ounce can of Play-Doh Color Swirl compound which features 2 bright colours in one can for crazy colorful ice cream creations. There's also 2 classic Play-Doh colours in smaller 2 ounce cans, as well as a plastic ice cream cone, 2 cute serving dishes, a plastic knife and spoon. Tootie is a magically funny gift for kids aged 3 years and up, but she's sure to bring lots of silly fun for the whole family.

 There's so many fun possibilities with this set as you can add crazy candies and other cute toppings with the 20 molds that are built into the playset. Tootie can dispense 4 different Play-Doh ice cream shapes with the twist of the rail. letting you show off your ice cream creations using the cone, dishes and spoon. It really is lots of fun to play with. The kids have been quiet for ages meaning I've been able to put my feet up and relax in peace for a while. 

We've had lots of fun playing with our Play-Doh this week. It's been a while since we've had any in our house after a huge disaster years back when the kids were little which involved lots of stuck Play-Doh and a new carpet BUT I'm glad we tried it again as now they're older and wiser or better behaved should I say, everything was way more enjoyable and less messy. Both sets were great fun and went down really well with both of my children. 

Disclosure: We received our Hasbro Play-Doh sets for free in return for an honest review.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

#Win £50 to Spend at the Personalised Gifts Market & Check out their Personalised Pillow Cases #Review

Win £50 to Spend at the Personalised Gifts Market & Check out their Personalised Pillow Cases Review.

The Personalised Gifts Market sells a whole host of personalised gifts from super cute pillow cases to fun phone covers and even kitchen chopping boards. A few weeks ago, I was asked to choose something for my children as a gift from themselves, I just couldn't resist choosing them their own personalised pillow cases. Who wouldn't want a pillowcase with your name on it, right? Plus my two are often trying to swap their stuff around so sticking their names in big letters right across the front of their pillow, means no more of that.

There's a very wide range of personalised pillow cases to choose from so it did take me a while to choose just one but in the end I choose Lily a really pretty Unicorn cover as the colours on it were just so cute. Even though she's growing up so fast, she's 13 now, I just knew she wouldn't be able to resist it's girly charms, and I was right, she absolutely loved it. 

You're never too old for a personalised pillow for your bed.

For Ryan, I choose him a Superhero cover as he's a huge Superhero fan right now. The Superhero cover has a lot more detail on it than the Unicorn one but seeing as Ryan's much younger, it was much better suited for him. He loved seeing his name written across his pillow and loves the bright colours of the Superheroes dressed up in his superhero costume. The Superhero even has dark hair and dark eyes just like Ryan has, so he's going around telling everyone in the house that it's a picture of him when he's ready to fight crime. Bless.

Both cases are really nicely made and super soft and cozy. The design is pressed on well and will not peel, crack or fade. Each one will cost you £14.99 which may sound a lot but for a personalised pillowcase that's made to last, I think it's well worth it as the kids love them.

Now, here's the exciting part. Who would like to Win themselves £50 to spend on the Personalised Gifts Market? You will be able to choose whatever gifts you like up to the value of £50. How exciting is that! You could choose several great gifts for that amount of money.

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Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App. 
This Giveaway is open to the UK. Prize supplied by 3rd Party. Ends on Tuesday June 30th x

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Week 10 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - Things are Changing Fast

Week 10 of Our Covid 19 Diaries
Things are Changing Fast.

We're now into our tenth week of staying at home due to the Covid 19 Virus. We're all healthy and well and doing OK, which is the main thing but things around here are starting to change and much faster than we were expecting. Originally I was told that my return to work would be on July 4th which I had then mentally prepared myself for. But since then, Boris has moved the UK's plans forward and now wants us to all return to work on June 15th, which is 3 weeks earlier than we'd planned for. On one hand, I really do want to get back to work and get back to some kind of normal but on the other hand, the schools are still closed, so what do I do with my kids? The rules are quite confusing at the moment as we're allowed to visit family now but only if we stay outside in an open space so I wouldn't be able to drop my kids off with them whilst I work? The Government is saying that we can stay at home on Furlough until the schools reopen but my work is saying something else. It's only a matter of time before I'm forced back into work meaning I will have to leave my children in the care of their grandparents, in their homes, which I don't even know if I'm allowed to do. It's all very stressful and so up in the air as we only have weeks to sort this.

The kids are doing amazing, they're coping with all of ths much better than I am. Ryan is in Year 5 at Primary whilst Lily is in Year 8 at Secondary. Both Year Groups are not on the list of classes to be reopened this month in June so I'm not quite sure what's happening for them. There's no talk of when the schools will reopen for them at all, it's like they've all been forgotten. I would love to stay at home with them for as long as I can but I'm worrying that it might not be for much longer. Pressures from work are mounting and I can't afford to lose any money as we still have bills to pay, so I may have to go back before they do *sighs*.

One day we will all look back on these unpresedented times as a page in a History Book and share our stories of how we coped or didn't. The times when workplaces and schools shut down and we all stayed at home for months on end. The times when there was no socialisation outside of your homes and no popping to the cinema or the pub on a Friday night.  I can't wait until these uncertain times are over and we can all look back on this time from a world that's normal again. I miss our normal, normal was good. I like Normal.

I'm sure I will be back with another update as soon as things change again for us but until then, I hope you're doing OK? And keeping safe and well in these horrible Covid 19 Times.

Monday, 1 June 2020

#Win a Cadbury Thinking Of You Gift Box

Win a Cadbury Thinking Of You Gift Box

Happy June Everyone - Another Month, means another giveaway!

Given our current situations, I've picked a gift to say 'I'm Thinking of You' as I'm sure it's very true for most of us right now. This is for that one someone that we're all missing from our lives right now, this one's for them. For me, it would be for my friend Toni who I miss very much. It's been several weeks since we've been able to meet up for a coffee, I miss that.

This month's prize is a delicious Cadbury gift box filled with a Cadbury Dairy Milk 200g bar in a special 'Thinking Of You' gift sleeve alongside a Cadbury Dairy Milk and your favourite Cadbury bars. It all comes gift wrapped and delivered in their new Thinking Of You gift box. 

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This is not a sponsored Giveaway - The Prize is supplied by myself.

Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App. 
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