My Family

My Family

Friday, 8 May 2020

Week 7 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - What we're up to..

Week 7 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - What we're up to..

How is it week 7 of the UK Lockdown already? The world seems like such a strange place at the moment as we've all been staying at home to protect the NHS. One day I will look back on this post and read all about how we got through our time at home when the outside world shut down. It's very surreal right now but it's also very REAL. This is actually happening. We're all at home, there's no work, there's no school and there's no going out.

My latest update from work is that I am on Furlough until the end of June. On one hand I'm relieved that I'll be safe at home until then whilst still getting my wages to pay my bills but then on the other hand, I'm absolutely terrified about what's going to happen after that?

My shop isn't 'Essential' so won't be amongst the first to reopen. We're pretty much stuck in the same boat as the Hotels and the Bars, who will be last to reopen, if they ever allow us to reopen at all. It's a huge waiting game that I don't like playing and although I hate the idea of having to go outside where the Virus is, I'd much rather go back to work in a safer way and earn my money than get cut off and get into debt with no money coming in. Daddy is also on Furlough at the moment but he gets weekly updates as his factory could reopen any time. 

Homeschooling is tough. The boy's primary school sends us an email every week for us to print off his worksheets. There's usually around 25 to 30 sheets a week to do. We spend most of our mornings working before we all get a bt fed up and resort to doing other stuff.

Shopping seems to be getting more and more expensive to buy every week. It's like the cost of food has doubled for us since we've started staying at home which is a real pain. Daddy and I take it in turns to go and do the big food shop once a week, which is NOT fun at all. I find myself having good weeks where I stick to the Shopping List and there's the bad weeks where I throw in every snack,packet of crisp and chocolate bar that I pass in the store, argh.

Life may be very different for us right now but we're doing OK. I miss my family and going out to the shops. I miss having meals at our local pub and I miss the simple trips to the park to feed the ducks. There's going to be a big announcement on Sunday about the lockdown and what's going to happen going forward. I hope the changes are small but I do hope they'll allow us to see our family, even if it's just our parents as I miss my Sunday Dinners.

Last but not least, I found a thing on Twitter called #SpreadKindess where people set up a WishList on Amazon, share the link to it on Twitter and then other people gift them things from it. It's all very lovely and a great way to meet new friends. It's been going for a few weeks but I only decided to join in yesterday and I've already sent over 15 gifts to people. I've not received any gifts yet but that's OK as I'm just loving the feeling I'm getting of spreading a little joy and happiness to people's lives during such a sad and lonely time. 

So, How are YOU doing? I Hope You're OK x 


  1. My kids are also eating more and at least every other day I get asked when will school open😕
    I miss trips out and taking kids to the park aswell
    Stay safe ❤

    1. It's so tough, isn't it. We miss the day trips and activities we would normally do, it's not much fun staying at home every day xx