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My Family

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Family Fun at Home with Funko #Review

Family Fun at Home with Funko

Family Fun at home has taken a multitude of different forms for us over these past few months. We've been at home for over 10 weeks now so we've tried everything you can think of from playing board games to garden skipping, drawing with chalks to playing with messy slime. Our options are starting to run a little low right about now but I'm betting that we're not alone. It's tough being a parent at home right now, trying to get that home life and school life balance just right. We're doing school work in the morning and then having free time in the afternoons. Even though it's been 10 weeks, we're pretty much still going with the flow each day and just taking each one as it comes. We find it much less stressful and easier that way.

Last week, we received a rather awesome delivery from Funko to help us mix things up a little bit and keep the kids entertained in between all the other stuff that we have going on. 

The kids and I were absolutely thrilled when we opened the box and saw all of this inside. It was like all our Christmases had come at once, we were that excited. Our biggest struggle was deciding who was going to get what? Now that was a real toughie as we all wanted everything which isn't possible so we had some big decisions to make between us all. Eeek.

For me, the biggest want was the gorgeous Harry Potter Super Plush. There was a space on my bed right besides me just screaming out his name. The kids weren't that impressed about that if I'm being brutally honest but they soon got over it when they got to pick next.

He's just too cute for little children - sorry - he's all mine!

Ryan really really really wanted the Batman Pop! Vinyl to add to his ever growing collection which he keeps sat neatly on top of his chest of drawers which sits next to his bed. There was no question about where Batman was going to end up now was there, really? Harley Quinn on the other hand was a much tougher one as both Lily and I really wanted her. I'm happy to say that I won in the end as I'd thought that Hello Kitty was much more age appropriate for Lily. Plus, I just really wanted Harley Quinn for myself as I'm a huge fan.

The Vinyl Soda was super cute and made a great talking point for me to tell the kids all about the TV shows I used to watch and love as a kid. I couldn't believe they'd never heard of Mumm-Ra or She-Ra or He- Man for that point. It was time for a history lesson from Mum.

The Harry Potter Mystery Mini was very exciting as we're all huge Harry Potter fans in this house. We must have watched the movies several times over these past few weeks. I mean, you can never watch them too much, am I right? Yep, of course I'm right. (sorry).

We opened our blind bag inside the Mystery box to find Professor Snape, he's no Harry but he's still awesome. We'd not seen these Mystery Mini's before but actually quite like them so we may have to get a few more of these as it would be really lovely to collect the whole set. 

Lily absolutely loved the Pop! Pen Topper she found hidden at the bottom of the box. It's super cute and perfect for her. Lily loves her pens, a bit like me but I had to let her have something from the box seeing as I'd already claimed Harry Potter and Harley Quinn - oops.

Last but definitely not least we had the Funkoverse Strategy Game: Jurassic Park 2 pack where Dr. Ian Malcolm and the Tyrannosaurus get ready to roam the park in this Jurassic Park iteration of the Funkoverse game. This set can play a simplified version of the game on its own or be combined with any of the main Funkoverse sets. You get to experiment with these two characters while building your team to see if you can win using their unique abilities. It's such a cool ight strategy game which is suggested for players aged 10 years and over which provides around 20 minutes of game playing time. It includes 2 playable maps, as well as 2 exclusive Funkoverse Pop! Game figures which I've mentioned already.

Funko has given us so much enjoyment over this past week, and not just for this week really but for life as we've each now got a new friend to look at each day. Ryan has Batman, Lily has Hello Kitty and I have Harley Quinn. I'm sure the kids will do more than just look at theirs as they just can't resist playing with them but that's OK as I guess they were made for play. I'm more of a collector of Pop! Vinyl's but even I can't resist taking them out every now and again. Our family Funko pack has sure brightened up our time at home which is exactly what it had aimed to do so it's all been a major success. Thank you Funko!

Disclosure: We received our Funko Family Pack for free in return for an honest Review.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Win with Modibodi - The range of Period & Leak Proof Undies for the Modern Woman.

Win with Modibodi - The range of Period & Leak 
Proof Undies for the Modern Woman.

Join them at Modibodi and become part of their squad as they aim to tackle your periods, to ensure you are always living our best life! Modibodi, is a range of period proof undies for every woman, designed to be worn all day, with no leaks, no smell and no need to change a pad or use a tampon. It’s an easy, hassle free way to have your period and it sounds Amazing! They're all made to look and feel just like regular undies, but with a difference as these clever undies hold a little niffy secret. They have all been made to hold 1 to 2 tampons worth of liquid, yet no one would ever know that you were on your period. Clever hey! These sassy undies now come in a wide range of new colours and styles, from Classic Bikini to Seam Free Full Briefs. They're all cool, look great and will keep you 100 percent leak free.  

It takes 500 years for a sanitary pad to decompose in a landfill, that’s one single pad, taking that long to break down and in the UK we flush around 2 billion tampons down the toilet every year, imagine all those tampons floating in our water. Not only are you living your best life, period. But by wearing Modibodi, you are also helping to save the planet, one pair at a time.  All of the Modibodi underwear has been designed to be washed (cold washed) and hung out to dry to be reworn as needed. So join the Modibodi squad, grab a pair and see the difference. The full range is available online with prices ranging from £14.50 upwards.   

WIN 2 Pairs of Your Choice from Modibodi.

One lucky winner will get to pick 2 pairs of Modibodi underwear of their own choice. There's so many lovely pair to choose from and they come in so many pretty colour too. I love them.

To WIN - Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to complete as many or as few of the entry options as you like. It's completely up to you how many you do but remember, the more entries you do, the more chances you have to win. 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random after it closes on Monday 15th June  - Open to the UK Only - Good Luck x

T&C's: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App after the giveaway ends on Monday June 15th. Giveaway is open to the UK. Prize supplied by a 3rd Party.

Disclosure: I am running this giveaway unpaid and unrewarded because I want to.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Gifts for Everyone in My Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Gifts for Everyone in My
Father's Day Gift Guide 2020 

Father's Day is fast approaching, Sunday, 21 June is now less than a month away. It's time to start thinking about the kind of gifts that you'll be wanting to surprise your Father with this year. Given the current situation, some delivery times may be taking a little bit longer than usual so some forward planning maybe require this year. Some shops may be closed but there's a whole host of places online that are still open and ready to take your gift orders. 

My Dad loves a tipple or two so I often like to treat him to a bottle of something special on Father's Day. In my Guide this year, I have two lovely gifts for those who like a little drink.

First up, I have this rather lovely Miniature Rum Gift Set from iL Gusto

This four bottle set from iL Gusto presents a selection of the highest quality Rums from several renowned areas around the world. They come beautifully presented in an elegant wooden gift box making these top quality rums an exceptionally special gift for any rum lover. A miniature gift set is the perfect way to discover different styles and the varied expressions of rum from around the world with a small taste of each to try out. This Miniature Rum Gift Set consists of a pack of 4 x 40ml bottles that will cost you £17.95. 

Next up, I have a 5 litre mini keg of Ale from Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame has launched a brand new range of 5 litre mini kegs which are perfect for the Ale lovers in your life like my Dad. They're currently available in Whitstable Bay Pale Ale, Bear Island Triple Hopped Lager, Bear Island East Coast Pale Ale and Spitfire Amber.  Prices start from £27.50 and go up to £30 depending on which Keg you'd like. You can order yours online today and get a nice quick delivery time of up to 3 to 4 days. The brewery will donate £1 from every item ordered before the end of May to Kent NHS Community Heroes.

Shepherd Neame, members of Produced in Kent have lots of Kentish gift ideas for Dads. Why not pop over and check out their Produced In Kent Gift Father's Day Gift Guide

For the Foodies, I have this Kit's Chutney ‘Thinking of You’ Gift Set.

It's a perfect gift for foodies, the Kit’s Chutney Gift Box comes presented in a sustainable straw packed box and includes 2 x 180g jars of Kit’s Red Chutney and Kit’s Peanut Chutney. The secret recipes have been passed down through the Maharajh family for five generations and have been tingling taste buds for more than 100 years. Kit’s Peanut Chutney is home made with natural ingredients, it's a little bit spicy, with hints of mint and a nutty texture, vegan, gluten free, and contains no artificial preservatives. The Red Chutney is made in a nut free environment and contains a delicious blend of mild red chillies, tasty tomatoes and punchy peppers, also vegan and gluten free and will cost you £9.50 to buy.

For the man who loves his car, I have these Lynx Car Fresheners from Halfords.

Lynx has recently created a new range of car fresheners that are available in five formats and five iconic Lynx fragrances including Africa, Black, Dark Temptation, Ice Chill and Gold. The car fresheners promise up to 30 days of freshness fro your car, making these great smelling treats an ideal gift for any car lover. They are available to purchase online at Halfords and prices range between £1.99 and £3.99 depending on which one you want. I know my partner is going to love these as he's always moaning about the 'girly' car fresheners I buy for the car. He's going to me made up with some 'manly' car smells at last.

Next up, I have this SK-IN Beard Gift Set for the beard lovers in your life.

This new beauty brand SK-IN is based locally to me, just down the road in West Bromwich. It's just launched an elegant grooming kit which could make even a caveman's beard soft, shaped and manageable. It's already been shortlisted for two awards so far in 2020. The SK-IN 9.06 Beard Gift Set contains 5 luxury items including; Bergamot scented premium Beard Oil and Beard Balm, an L shaped wooden gauge comb, a 100% boar bristle brush, barber quality stainless steel scissors and a cotton holdall bag. It's usual price is £30 but if you hurry it's currently on sale for just £20. The kit is vegan and free from parabens.

Next up, I have this gorgeous Seizmont Valdemar Moment Watch from Trend Him.

Trendhim is an international eCommerce brand that designs accessories for men, based in Denmark. They have lots of lovely gifts ideal for the stylish man in your life. My partner recently broke his everyday wear watch so I picked him this gorgeous new Seizmont Valdemar Moment Watch to replace it. Priced at £69 and featuring a slim face lightweight watch with a black leather interchangeable strap, using Japanese quartz movement. It's a rather lovely watch that I just know Daddy's going to love opening on Father's Day this year. 

Last but not least I have something a little different, MO by Modibodi Underwear. 

Modibodi have created the world’s first dedicated men’s underwear range, MO by Modibodi, which is both sweat wicking and leak proof. There’s a high chance dad has an overflowing sock drawer and too many novelty ties, this Father's Day why not give him something that not only looks good but makes a difference and could really help. Leaks are still a big taboo when it comes to men’s health but 1 in 10 men do stuffer meaning some of us will have a dad that needs it and even though they might not ever tell us, these undies might be a nice little much needed surprise for them. Utilising Modibodi’s patented, exclusive and much loved Modifier Technology™, the MO by Modibodi range has been designed to look and feel exactly like regular underwear whilst protecting against any leaks. It’s also great for beating sweat as well, so if dad is a keen runner or cycler than these undies are just what he needs. I know they're a little different but they could come in really handy at some point in life.

I hope you've enjoyed having a look through my Father's Day Gift Guide for 2020. There's a few different gifts included this year so if you're looking for something a little different, then I hope it's helped give you a few ideas. There's no right or wrong gifts so whatever gifts you decide upon for your loved one, I'm sure they'll be perfect for you. Happy Father's day!

Disclosure: I was supplied with gift samples for inclusion in this Father's Day Gift Guide.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Flowers - A Fresh Act Of Kindness You can Give during Isolation

Flowers - A Fresh Act Of Kindness
You can Give during Isolation.

It's been Eight weeks now since we were all told to Stay Home and Stay Safe from the Covid -19 Virus and our home, just like many others has had its ups and downs. None of us know what the future holds, t's uncertain times for all of us. One thing we can do though during this time filed with of worries and stress, is look out for each other as in the end, we're all in this together. Like I've heard said online many times over the past few weeks, we may be in different boats but we're all in the same storm. But until then, we can all do our part in making our time at home that little bit brighter by sharing simple Acts of Kindness.

I'm a big believer in sharing love and kindness and often partake in little acts of kindness myself.  From sending surprise chocolates, delivering shopping for someone or brightening their day with flowers. Moonpig are spreading the love through their ‘Let Happiness Bloom’ campaign which is all about spreading love through little acts of kindness. Something we definitely need more of during these times and even though we can’t see each other, a simple message through the post can go a long way. Flowers, in particular, are said to brighten a room and your mood because their scent is said to lower stress symptoms by oxygenating the air around us, making us feel our best self. Which is such a lovely idea.

Moonpig sent me this gorgeous bouquet of White Lilies and Roses to brighten up my home this week, and I then I got to choose 2 different bouquets to send two other people that I  thought would really appreciate them. I sent 30 Roses to my Mother In Law Fiona and a big bunch of Mixed bunch of Lilies and Roses to my own Mother, Christine. Both bouquets were absolutely beautiful and received into their homes with pure joy and happiness. Flowers always make me smile so it's perfect when they show up on your doorstep unexpectedly. 

If you'd like to treat someone in your life that maybe you can't go and see right now. I've got a special code to share with all my readers that gives you 25% off on all flowers when you Download and Use the Moonpig App. This offer will expire on the 25th of May 2020. The code you'll need to enter is: APP25BLOOM which will give you your lovely 25% discount. 

My Moonpig Flowers have really made my week so much brighter. My gorgeous bouquet is now sitting pride of place on our dining room table. It's lovely having them on show in our middle room so I can see them every time I pass through. They're so pretty and I'm sure they'll continue to make me smile for a short while more to come too. It's funny how flowers have that effect on me but they really do brighten up your mood, and your day.

Flowers are a perfect act of kindness gift you can send to anyone who may Isolating at home. Maybe it's for a friend from work, a school run mum you miss chatting to or a family member who lives miles away. Who ever their for, I'm sure they'll bring a smile to their day.

Disclosure: I received my flowers for free in return for this collaboration.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Week 7 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - What we're up to..

Week 7 of Our Covid 19 Diaries - What we're up to..

How is it week 7 of the UK Lockdown already? The world seems like such a strange place at the moment as we've all been staying at home to protect the NHS. One day I will look back on this post and read all about how we got through our time at home when the outside world shut down. It's very surreal right now but it's also very REAL. This is actually happening. We're all at home, there's no work, there's no school and there's no going out.

My latest update from work is that I am on Furlough until the end of June. On one hand I'm relieved that I'll be safe at home until then whilst still getting my wages to pay my bills but then on the other hand, I'm absolutely terrified about what's going to happen after that?

My shop isn't 'Essential' so won't be amongst the first to reopen. We're pretty much stuck in the same boat as the Hotels and the Bars, who will be last to reopen, if they ever allow us to reopen at all. It's a huge waiting game that I don't like playing and although I hate the idea of having to go outside where the Virus is, I'd much rather go back to work in a safer way and earn my money than get cut off and get into debt with no money coming in. Daddy is also on Furlough at the moment but he gets weekly updates as his factory could reopen any time. 

Homeschooling is tough. The boy's primary school sends us an email every week for us to print off his worksheets. There's usually around 25 to 30 sheets a week to do. We spend most of our mornings working before we all get a bt fed up and resort to doing other stuff.

Shopping seems to be getting more and more expensive to buy every week. It's like the cost of food has doubled for us since we've started staying at home which is a real pain. Daddy and I take it in turns to go and do the big food shop once a week, which is NOT fun at all. I find myself having good weeks where I stick to the Shopping List and there's the bad weeks where I throw in every snack,packet of crisp and chocolate bar that I pass in the store, argh.

Life may be very different for us right now but we're doing OK. I miss my family and going out to the shops. I miss having meals at our local pub and I miss the simple trips to the park to feed the ducks. There's going to be a big announcement on Sunday about the lockdown and what's going to happen going forward. I hope the changes are small but I do hope they'll allow us to see our family, even if it's just our parents as I miss my Sunday Dinners.

Last but not least, I found a thing on Twitter called #SpreadKindess where people set up a WishList on Amazon, share the link to it on Twitter and then other people gift them things from it. It's all very lovely and a great way to meet new friends. It's been going for a few weeks but I only decided to join in yesterday and I've already sent over 15 gifts to people. I've not received any gifts yet but that's OK as I'm just loving the feeling I'm getting of spreading a little joy and happiness to people's lives during such a sad and lonely time. 

So, How are YOU doing? I Hope You're OK x 

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

#Win a 3 Month Subscription to Mysteries in Time

Win a 3 Month Subscription to Mysteries in Time

Myself, like most parents out there right now, is doing all I can to entertain, occupy and educate my children here at home. It's been 6 weeks so far and counting now so anything that can make this whole situation just a little bit easier for us is welcomed in my book. Mysteries in Time offers an exciting monthly history subscription box which is perfect for kids aged between 7 and 11 years old. There's two packages to choose from; the Classic  which is £7.95 + postage and the Bumper which is £12.95 + postage. World wide shipping is available so no matter where you are, you can get it delivered right to your door. You can choose to receive either 1 box on it's own or you can sign up to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription which can be cancelled at any time, just in case you want to change your mind.

Ryan received his first Mysteries in Time box this week and we have to say that we were pretty impressed by its contents. Inside the box, you will find all of the following items:
  • Story packed with mystery & adventure
  • Easy to follow history booklet
  • Word puzzles & other fun activities
  • Themed bookmark
  • Colourful sticker sheet
  • Three colouring in pages
  • Timeline sticker
  • Free in first box - a world map & timeline
  • And it's all sent in a personalised time machine box

You get quite a lot for your money and it's all great quality. We've been learning a lot about Ancient Egypt in our homeschooling History sessions recently so these were great resources to use to help us. Ryan loved the world map and stuck it on his bedroom wall. 

It's now that I'm excited to share the news that I'm be able to offer one of you, my lucky readers the chance to win their very own 3 monthly subscription of a Bumper Box of Mysteries in Time delivered straight to your door. It'll be a nice treat for the homeschooled child in your life or maybe even a nice distraction, whichever you choose for you is best.

To WIN - Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to complete as many or as few of the entry options as you like. It's completely up to you how many you do but remember, the more entries you do, the more chances you have to win. 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random after it closes on Sunday 31st May  - Open to the UK Only - Good Luck x

Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App after the giveaway ends on Sunday May 31st. This Giveaway is only open to the UK. 

Monday, 4 May 2020

#Win a Cadbury Treasure Box

Win a Cadbury Treasure Box

Happy May Everyone, I hope You're all well?

It's been a strange few weeks for all of us recently so I thought I'd run another chocolate giveaway to brighten someone's day. We all need a little treat every now and then, don't we.

This month's prize is a delicious Cadbury Treasure Box full of lovely chocolatey treats. There's lots of chocolate to share with everyone in your household or if you're alone, that's more for you. It's completely up to you what you do with it as long as it makes you happy!

To WIN - Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to complete as many or as few of the entry options as you like. It's completely up to you how many you do but remember, the more entries you do, the more chances you have to win. 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random after it closes on Sunday 31st May  - Open to the UK Only - Good Luck xox

This is not a sponsored Giveaway - The Prize is paid for by myself.

Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App. 
This Giveaway is only open to the UK. The giveaways ends on Sunday May 31st x

Fun Games and Puzzles from Spin Master #Review

Fun Games and Puzzles from Spin Master Review

We’re facing extraordinary times right now and many of us are now tasked with finding new ways to keep our families happy and entertained whilst practicing social distancing at home. Games and Puzzles, traditionally come out at Christmas time, when families are usually together at home, but given the fact that we're all facing enforced family time right now. I thought this is the perfect time to get out all our jigsaw puzzles and favourite games.

This week's games and puzzles are brought to you from Spin Master who have a fantastic range of puzzles and games to suit the whole family. We've been playing with a few of them so we can show you what's hot and what's not. Our four games and puzzles include; 

HedBanz, Otrio, Jumanji Classic Retro 90’s Board Game and Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt.

HedBanzSRP: from £13.99 and suitable for children aged 7+

HedBanz is the classic ‘What am I?’ game. Each player is given three scoring badges, and  a card to stick on their headbands without looking. On your turn, flip the timer and ask “yes” or “no” questions to find out what you are. Are you an animal, food or object. Guess correctly and you get to stick a scoring badge onto your headband, then pick a new card and continue asking questions. If you guess incorrectly, you lose your turn. The first player to earn three scoring badges wins. Hedbanz is fun for kids, parents and grandparents and is perfect for family game night. Through playing this game, kids will develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills in a fun and thrilling way. We loved this game so much.

It's really easy to play and there's no setting up required. You simply stick a headband on your head, grab a card and get going. Although this game is recommended for children aged 7 years and over, it could easily be played by children a bit younger we think. It's a nice simple game that everyone can join in and play. This was one of our favourite games.

OtrioSRP: £19.99 and suitable for children aged 6+

Otrio is a head to head strategy game, it's a real brain busted style puzzle. To win, you need to get three pieces of your colour in a row based upon similar size. They can be lined up in ascending or descending order, or within the same space as three concentric pieces. The rules are simple but the game is complex. Otrio is a unique game that is engaging, challenging and beautifully built to let you show off your smarts in a brainy showdown.

This game took a little getting used to but once we'd mastered it, it was lots of fun. Lily seemed to have mastered this game much quicker than her younger brother Ryan who found it a bit trickier, meaning he lost every game and Lily won which didn't end well - oops.

It's a bit like another game we used to play where you have to line up 4 in a row but much more complex as there's different sized pieces involved in this game so you'll need to think a bit harder on this one. We love a good challenge though so this puzzle went down a treat.

Jumanji Classic Retro 90’s Board GameSRP: £19.99 and suitable for children aged 5+

Stalking lions, charging rhinos, snapping crocodiles and other dangerous creatures all await you in the wild world of Jumanji. With this board game, they’re only a die roll away. Grab your pawn, roll the eight sided number die and move through the jungle. Draw a danger card, then use your decoder to discover the secret message and see if disaster strikes. Your fellow players must race against time to rescue you. The jungle threatens and begins to fill up the Doomsday Grid. If the grid fills up, the jungle will overpower you and your fellow players meaning everyone loses. If you are the first to reach the centre before the Doomsday Grid fills up, yell “Jumanji” and you'll win. t's just like the movie, only more fun.

This games a little more complicated than the others but once it's all set up, and you get going, you'll get used to it quite quickly. Both Lily and Ryan really liked this game as they could both play it fairly, without one of them having a game advantage over the other. If you're children are anything like mine, the smallest thing in a game can set them off into a spiral of arguments over who cheated, or who didn't play right, and so on. This game didn't cause any of that behaviour luckily. We managed to play a nice calm, fun game or two.

Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Fishing Game - RRP £9.99 and suitable for children 4 years +

 The Baby Shark Fishing Game brings musical fun to a classic board game. See how many fish you can reel in with your Baby Shark themed fishing rod. The player who catches the most fish wins. You can play as Mummy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark or Baby Shark. This colourful board game plays the iconic Baby Shark song while the board spins.

It's designed for 2 to 4 players to play at any one time and is just right for getting little ones to work on those fine motor skills. Why not teach your child to count the fish to see who's won, and help them name the colours for more learning fun. This games aimed at young children but that didn't stop my two from loving this game. They thought it was fantastic.

Lily may be 13 years old but she absolutely loves listening to the Baby Shark song. I'm not sure if it's because she genuinely likes the song or if she loves it because it annoys me so much. Either way, she loved playing this game with the song playing nice and loud for all to hear, over and over again for hours each day. You'll either love it or hate it, but either way, it's a nice simple game that brings lots of fun and enjoyment to the children in your life.

All of these games and puzzles are available online from Amazon and other toy retailers.

Thanks to Spin Master, our time at home has been made much more enjoyable than it could have been. We've really enjoyed playing our games and puzzles together, it's been a real treat. Every now and then, we all need to step away from the TV and have a little family fun.

Disclosure: We received our Spin Master games in return for an honest review.

Friday, 1 May 2020

So Slime Tie & Dye Kit #Review

So Slime Tie & Dye Kit Review

You might remember back in February when we enjoyed a very happy Play Time with So Slime products, the Slimelicious Sweet Shop and the So Slime Glam DIY 3 Pack. The kids loved them so much that we just had to try out some more. This week we've been sent a new set from the range, so we've been playing with the Canal Toys So Slime Tie & Dye Kit.

The best part about this set is that it includes pre made slime so you don't have to do the messy part. When you open the box, you can grab your ready made slime and start the fun instantly. You can create brilliant coloured tie dye spirals and lots of pretty patterns using the vibrant, scented colourants and watch the magic happen. Mix it up, stretch it out and be amazed by the gorgeous Tie Dye effects in your slime. The RRP is £9.99 and for that you get; 3 x Ready Made Clear Slimes, 3 x Scented Colourants, 3 x Decoration bags and 1 x Mixing Tool. It's one time play set but you do get quite a bit for your money and t's great fun to play with. I think my kids like decorating slime more than actually making it now - yay.

Both Lily and Ryan had great fun playing with this set, they loved it. It was a really nice way to spend an hour or two with them. With all this extra time on our hands at home now recently, it's so lovely to have fun activities like these to do together. The kids were happy they got to play with one of their favourite things, slime, and Mummy was happy that there was no cleaning up to do afterwards so it was a win win activity for all. I'd happily buy these kind of slime sets for them in the future. They're quick, easy and lots of fun. I like it!

Disclosure: We received our So Slime Tie & Dye Kit for free in return for an honest review.