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My Family

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Week 2 of our Covid 19 Diaries - How Things are Changing Here

Week 2 of our Covid 19 Diaries - 
How Things are Changing Here.

Hurray. We've all survived our first week at home together in these very scary, unprecedented times - Well Done for that! The first week has got to be the hardest, right? 

Our biggest update this week is that my employment has been officially Furloughed until May 31st (at least) which seems like so far away right now. The good news is that I am being paid which is a huge weight off my shoulders, financially, right now. The bad news is that I'm going to be here at home for all of that time. OK, so that's not really bad news, is it.

Last week you might remember me saying that Daddy had been in contact with someone who has had Covid 19 at his workplace so we were monitoring his temperature daily. I'm happy to report that Daddy is still well and has not shown any signs of the Virus himself -  Hooray! Daddy has been Furloughed too, although he has no set date as of yet when that will be until, but it's fantastic news for us as it means we're now all safe at home together

Homeschooling is going OK. The kids get up around 9am and complete some of their set work for an hour or two. They sign into their online platforms and check what's next for them to do and generally do a bit of that. They're being really good about all this, real troopers. They may not be doing 5 hours of work a day like some are but they're doing their best so I'm happy with that. I don't want to push them too hard or nag at them too much, it's not how we want to be behaving right now. Our home is our 'Safe Place' in these uncertain times and I intend to keep it that way. Home is our happy place where we should feel relaxed and happy. I'm not a teacher so I'm not going to suddenly start pretending that I am one - ergh.

Food shopping is being done once a week for our essential food shop by Daddy who's being the brave warrior and facing the world outside. It's not that I don't want to do it but he's the one who drives so sadly this chore now automatically falls to him, he doesn't mind. Does anyone else find their shopping list isn't changing much but the cost of the shopping is? Every week the costs seem to be getting more and more expensive even though what we're buying is pretty much the same? I know we're having to buy an extra meal a day for each of us for lunches as well as breakfasts and dinners but what used to cost us around £35 a week is now more like £70. I'm sure everyone's in the same boat on this one really.

My final worry, last but not least, is the countdown to the Wedding. Our Wedding is supposed to be taking place this October but in these uncertain times, we don't even know if this is going to be possible. For now, I am going to carry on like it will be! It's all I can do and god knows, we all need something to look forward too right now. I've sent out my Invites as planned in the hope that it will all be able to happen and have been keeping myself busy with the planning but really, no one will know what's going to happen until nearer the time. 

I shall keep you posted on that one ...

Life isn't perfect right now but It's going OK for us right now.

Please Stay Home and Stay Safe x

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