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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Getting Creative at Home with ColourMazing #Review

Getting Creative at Home with ColourMazing

If your children are anything like mine, and they love to colour then ColourMazing is going to be right up your street. Seeing as 'Staying In' is the new 'Going Out', we've been looking for lots of new ways to get more creative at home. This weekend we've been playing with ColourMazing from John Adams and have to say, it's actually been really fun. 

ColourMazing is a new, innovative and exciting way to colour in. You squeeze your pens to spread the ink, blend the colours seamlessly together and watch as the ink magically stops at the lines. It's a totally different way of coloring in from the usual way we're used too.

We've been playing two of the ColourMazing sets this weekend. The ColourMazing 3D Garden Friends and the ColourMazing 3D Jungle Adventures. I gave the Garden Friends set to Lily and the Jungle Adventures to Ryan, both were very pleased with their sets. 

With the Jungle Adventure you can make a pop up monkey scene, create a flying bird with wings that flap, make your own theatre show with finger puppets, plus a beautiful jungle mobile. ColourMazing is a great way to keep children entertained at home as a fun activity.  

Each set includes four craft activities to decorate and make, as well as six magic ink pens.

Ryan loved colouring in his puppet but he found it quite difficult to get the right amount of squeeze on the pens to make them work best. We found if you squeezed them too hard, the ink would splodge out too fast making the ink go over the lines but if you didn't squeeze it hard enough, nothing would come out at all, so it took a little practice to find out how they work best. Our Monkey may not be the neatest little Monkey, but he's our Monkey and we love him. He's like a special Super Monkey with a bright and colourful Superhero Mask.

The ColourMazing 3D Garden Friends set lets you watch your secret garden grow right in front of your eyes. The butterflies flutter to make your own theatre show with the finger puppets and you get to make the beautiful garden for them to live in too. Lily really liked it.

The set includes four craft activities to decorate and make, as well as six magic ink pens.

Lily loves to colour in so had great fun giving these a go. They're a little tricky to get used too but once you've got the hang of the pens, and the right amount of squeeze, it's really easy and lots of fun to do. There's several things to make so it's a nice activity to keep them going for a while. Lily has been happily colouring and creating all afternoon, and a happy Lily means a happy Mummy. I have to admit, I've even had a little go with these myself.

Again, the end results may not be perfect but we were happy with them.

ColourMazing are adorable and make for a nice relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or two at home. They're really nice creative sets that are suitable for children aged 6 years and over that don't make any mess and are nice and easy to use. They don't need any parental help or guidance and will keep the children entertained and happy for hours.

They're available from Argos, Amazon, Smyths, Very and Toymaster.

Disclosure: We received out ColourMazing samples for free in return for an honest review.

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