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My Family

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Colouring Eggs & Hunting them too. We're Having a Happy #HARIBOEaster

Colouring Eggs & Hunting them too. 
We're Having a Happy #HARIBOEaster

During these challenging times, many of us are in need of a way to lift our spirits. So when HARIBO set me a challenge to deliver as many moments of childlike happiness as
possible this Easter, I was over the moon and just had to say YES! For me, when you think of 'childlike happiness' I automatically think about colouring in so our first task for this Easter weekend was colouring in our Easter Eggs. I printed off some pre drawn eggs from the internet which is free to do, and then challenged the children to a colouring in competition. Winner was to get a HARIBO prize, everyone was so excited and got to it.

Seeing as I was the judge, I couldn't really choose myself as the winner, that wouldn't have been very fair, so instead I declared them both Joint Winners! And Yes, I know I took the easy way out but we're all at home together right now so I'm trying to avoid confrontations. 

The Prize - a mini packet of HARIBO Eggs Galore.

Now that they’d had a small taste of how yummy HARIBO’s new treats really were … it was time to set up the main event – the Easter Egg Hunt. I popped outside when they wasn't looking and spread the mini packets all over the garden for them to find. They were hidden in flower pots and under the slide. Behind the playhouse and on top of the trampoline. There was lots of packets for them to find as the big bag contains a whopping 30 mini bags. 

There's definitely no shortage of sweet treats in our house right now. Yum!

I was thinking of setting up a really exciting Treasure Hunt with whitty clues and everything but unfortunately my children aren't that accommodating and just wanted to run around like crazy children until they'd found them all. That was their idea of 'fun' so who was I to argue.

As well as hiding the mini bags, I hid two of HARIBO's larger friends to find too. Whilst Chick 'n' Mix hid happily in the hedges,Bunny hung out quite happily on the swing but not for long. 
They were soon snapped up by my rather over excited children, who even though they are 9 and 13 now, are never too old for a good old fashioned garden Easter egg hunt. There was so much childlike happiness in our back garden this weekend and it was so lovely to see.

We've always loved HARIBO and their treats but I think we love them even more now. 

We've had such a lovely Easter weekend with our HARIBO treats but it doesn't end there as we're planning to continue enjoying as many childlike moments of fun as we possibly can over the next few weeks. Whether it's by colouring in, playing a game or simply being silly.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter whatever you got up to.

Disclosure: This post is a paid partnership with HARIBO.

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