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Monday, 6 April 2020

Candylocks Dolls and Candylocks Pets are So Sweet #Review

Candylocks Dolls and Candylocks Pets are So Sweet

Candy Locks from Spin Master are adorable scented collectable dolls with hair so soft that it looks and feels just like cotton candy! Available in a range of packages, girls will love their cute special features and ability to style their long, sweet smelling, gorgeous flowing locks! 

The Candylocks Doll and Pet set costs £12.99 and is aimed at children aged 5+ 

The Candylocks scented collectible dolls and pets with matching hair that's super soft so that it looks just like cotton candy. This 2 Pack of beachy besties includes one 3 inch tropical themed Candylocks Doll and her adorable pet BFF! With 15 inches of ombré hair wrapped around the doll and long colourful hair wrapped around the pet, both are hidden inside the pack for a lovely surprise. When you open up the packaging and unwrap the hair to reveal your Summer Pop Party Candylocks besties! With a matching tropical treats theme, a bright and summery outfit on your doll and colourful graphics on your pet, they’re both ready for some long awaited fun in the sun. With delicious scents like mango, peach, lemon and more, every Candylocks duo smells as sweet as they look and they really do smell good.

Meet our new besties, Posie Peach and Fin-Chilla. Aren't they adorable?

The unique texture of Candylocks’ extra long hair makes it easy for kids to work with by hand, without any hair styling tools. It holds its shape well and doesn’t come apart. Ypu can easily create handmade braids and buns, twists and ponytails, the hairstyle possibilities are endless. Inside each Doll and Pet 2 Pack, you’ll also discover two dual purpose accessories, including a transforming hair accessory that becomes a pet bowl or water dish when you flip it over which is such a cute idea. There are 8 Candylocks Doll and Pet sets to collect (each sold separately). Lily loves her new cute besties, they're so pretty.

Candylocks Pets cost £4.99 and are again recommended for children aged 5+ 

Simply unwrap and open up the watermelon pet bed to discover your secret pet waiting inside. Pull your cutie out and unwrap its hair to reveal your Summer Pop Party Candylocks Pet. You'll find  super cute unicorns, lovely llamas, delicious dogs, cute cats, fun foxes and more (each sold separately) There are over 20 Candylocks Pets to collect (including one ultra-rare!) each one comes with a different scent, fun name and tropical treats theme. These loveable pets are bright and summery, with adorable details that match their theme.

 Meet our new Candlocks Pet - Hailey the Hamster. She's totally adorable.

With delicious scents like pineapple, peach, lime and more, the Candylocks Pets all smell as sweet as they look. The texture of the Candylocks Pets extra long hair makes it easy for kids to work with by hand, without any hair styling tools. It holds its shape and doesn’t come apart. You can easily create braids and buns, twists, ponytails and more. Inside the packaging, you’ll also discover a surprise hair accessory to add to all of your fabulous hairstyles. You can play with your new friend inside the pet bed or close it up to take it with you on the go. For even more hair play fun, add the Candylocks Dolls to your collection. Collect all of the Candylocks Pets and get ready for a Summer Pop Party! 

Lly really loves the Candlocks dolls and pets as their hair smells so good and is really fun to plait and style. Being so thick it stays in place much better than normal dolls hair does too.

Disclosure: We received our Candlocks Doll and Pet for free in return for an honest review.

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