My Family

My Family

Friday, 31 January 2020

We Made it to the End of January.

We Made it to the End of January.

Why is it that January seems to last forever? It could be that we're all totally broke after the big Christmas spend or it could be that we're all fed up of the cold and longing for Summer.

Whatever the reasons, I'm just so happy that today is finally the last day. Hooray!

January for us has been a month filled of ups and downs for us. I hate Winter so it's never a good month for me as the threat of snow is always in the air but luckily I've been busy planning the Wedding so It's not been too bad. Lily has been busy rehearsing every day after school for her School Production of High School Musical 2 in two weeks where she's been cast as Sharpay Evans. I think I may have a little actress on my hands. Ryan's has joined two new clubs at school and is now on the school's Football and Dodgeball Team. He loves his sports and enjoys being apart of the teams at school. He's pretty good at them too.

Healthwise we've all been under the weather a bit this month. I had a major toothache which seemed to last for a whole week and then Daddy came down with a cold (or Man Flu as he called it) with a sore throat. Lily seems to have come through the month untouched, luckily for her. Hiding away from us 'sick people' in her bedroom had some positive outcomes it seems. Poor Ryan has had it the worst though. He's had the horrible cold, the cough and the sore throat and if that wasn't bad enough, he managed to suffer from a little ear ache too. Luckily it wasn't too bad though as it passed in a few days with the help of some liquid paracetamol so ear wax removal at home wasn't needed and I'm happy to say, we're all good now. Everyone's feeling better and life is looking up. February is almost here and we're all ready to embrace it so goodbye January and Hello February. We can't wait to greet you.

February is a good month as it's Valentine's Day, Daddy's birthday and almost my Birthday (Mine's March 1st) so seeing as it's a Leap Year this year, I have to wait an extra day. 

This year I've decided to write a post about 'us' every month. Just a little update on what's happening in our lives. January's may be a dull but here's to hoping February is brighter.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. January did last forever. I hope you are all feeling better now x

    1. It's defo felt like the longest month of the year but I'm feeling much better this morning, thank you x