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My Family

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Wedding Planning - Finding the Right Venue.

Wedding Planning - Finding the Right Venue.

I've been struggling a bit this week as now we've set our date and booked our Marriage Ceremony. Now I need to find my Reception Venue. Budget wise, I've always known that it was going to be a small, simple affair but now that I'm actually visiting places and seeing them in real life, I've found myself wanting (hoping) for more. Originally I was looking for a simple Social Club style hall where I could dance the night away with my friends and family.

Last week, I found a gorgeous local social club but soon found myself disappointed when I discovered they didn't hire their room out on Saturdays as they host their own functions. My heart sank a little and I had to start my search over. I've looked at several halls since but none have the same wow factor as the one I first fell in love with. After a few days, I had to pick myself up and forget the first hall as it was only holding me back from loving a new one.

We visited another local room this week and I thought I was happy with it. It was a nice room with a nice back garden but it was a little on the small side. It holds 100 guests but my first draught of who I'd invite was much bigger. I sat there crossing people off my list but found my heart began to sink again with each name that disappeared from my big day. I was willing to compromise and downsize my party for the sake of getting something booked so I could get on with the rest of my planning but yesterday when I went to meet the owner and pay my deposit, something inside my head was screaming "No, this is not the place".

As I walked away without booking the room, I feel like I'm back in the unknown but I realised something yesterday. I'm rushing and I need to slow down. I must take my time and keep looking until I find my perfect place. I'm not going to settle, that won't make me happy at all. 

I may not have my wedding venue just yet but I'm feeling much more positive today and even though I don't have a place for my guests just yet, I do have my Guest Book and isn't it beautiful, I love it so much. My White Leather Wedding Guest Book from I Just Love It is so lovely and I can't wait to fill it with message from the people I love most in this world.

So for now the search continues, but at least I'm feeling much happier about it. I'll keep you all updated as I go and will hopefully be able to show you my 'Perfect' venue real soon.

Who knew that Wedding Planning was going to be so stressful?

Disclosure: I was gifted my Wedding Guest Book for inclusion in my Wedding Posts.

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