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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Pomsies Lumies - Colour Matching Pom Pom Pets - Pixie Pop #Review

Pomsies Lumies - Colour Matching 
Pom Pom Pets - Pixie Pop Review

Lumies are the next generation of Pomsies, the Number 1 selling special feature plush in 2018 but with a rainbow-charged twist. These cute and interactive unicorn-pom pom pets can turn into any color: simply place your Lumies on an object and it will magically absorb that object’s color and shine bright! It's pretty amazing and actually works! I've tried it.

 In Music Mode, Lumies are able to turn color into different beats to create songs! You can use your Lumie friend to coordinate your outfits, mix some beats, or play a number of games such as “Lumie Says”, “Color Chase” and “Rainbow Tag”. LUMIES have lots of secrets: Hidden inside Lumies, there are over 50 secret sounds that you can find! You can unlock these surprises by touching certain colors in a certain order. Try this cheery pattern: green, green, yellow, orange Here’s a surprise that’s LOL: orange, green, orange.

Meet Pixie Pop - With a lasting twinkle in her eyes, Pixie Pop is ready for the spotlight and is always glowing with good vibes. Her personality is as bright and bouncy as her curly hair which is Rainbow coloured! There’s no limit to the fun you can have together!

Pomsies Lumies are chasing rainbows and mixing beats. They're both colourful and musical making them lots of fun for children to interact with. Lily loves matching her new new Lumie friend, Pixie Pop to all her favourite colours. She's been matching the colours of her clothes, her toys, her books and accessories and even the furniture. She's lots of fun to play with.

Matching Lily's school folders.

Matching Mummy's Jeans.

Matching Mummy's red love hearts.

Inside the box you get a Pomsies Lumie, a colourful comb and an Instruction Sheet. A Pomsies Lumie will cost you around £14.99 which is a great price for such an interactive toy like this. I can see them being very popular for Christmas. They're perfect for Unicorn lovers, Colour Chasers and Music fans too. It's nice to see a toy that does more than one fun thing.

We love our little Pomsies Lumie Pixie Pop. She's totally adorable.

Disclosure: We received our Pomsies Lumie in return for an honest review.

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