My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

We've Set The Date! Wedding Plans are a Go ..

We've Set The Date! Wedding Plans are a Go .. 

The love of my live and I are getting married. It's now official - We've set the date.

I'm so excited and happy right now. We've just set the date for our wedding.

Saturday October 3rd 2020 - 2pm.

It's the perfect date. It's exactly one year and one day after we got engaged.

Although I am excited, I'm also very nervous as it's just got real. I have so much to organise in just under a year. We're having a very small and intimate wedding for just family and then 'hopefully' a big party for all our friends afterwards. Planning a wedding is way more complicated than it looks BUT I am going to take it easy, keep it simple and enjoy it.

I now have to find my Dream dress, choose the cake and plan a party - I can't wait.

I'll report back once I've completed the next few steps, I can't wait to share it all with you.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Disney On Ice '100 Years of Magic' #Review

Disney On Ice '100 Years of Magic' Review

Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Magic and is travelling across the country bringing it's magical shows to the public as we speak. This afternoon we went to see the show in our home town of Birmingham at the Arena Birmingham which is somewhere we always enjoy visiting. We've enjoyed Disney On Ice many times over the past few years. My children have practically grown up with the show and love going along every year. We'd heard that Toy Story 4's Forky was going to be in this show so we were all very excited about going along.

Daddy, Lily, Ryan and I took our seats and waited in anticipation for the magic to begin.

The show is very charming and hosts a cast of over 50 unforgettable Disney characters.

The hosts of the show were the lovable Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Together they took us on an adventure filled with Disney Princesses, including Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Tiana. Plus, for the first time on ice, Buzz, Woody and Bo Peep are joined by their new friend Forky, the lovable spork turned toy, as the gang from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 help him realise what it means to be a toy! 

Disney’s Frozen with Anna, Elsa and the hilarious snowman Olaf filled most of the first half of the show which was a little disappointing as we were hoping to see some more of the other characters that we'd not seen before. The show was great but with the Frozen part, we did feel like we'd seen it all before. Maybe Disney On Ice could do a separate Frozen show to reduce the amount of time it gets in these kind of shows. Even though we'd seen it all before, it didn't stop us singing along to some of our favourites like ‘Let It Go' and 'Love is an Open Door'. There was lots of exciting moments throughout the show from Disney’s The Lion King, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan and more.

The costumes are as beautiful as always and the skating is just incredible. Everyone is so talented and the music is just delightful, with so many Disney classic to sing along to.

The second half of the show seemed much shorter than the first half this time around. Maybe time just flew because we were having fun. The kids loved the Toy Story 4 part and loved seeing Forky, but did wish it had lasted a little longer than it did. They would have loved to have seen another song or two as Toy Story is very popular in our household. 

Overall we did have a great time and loved watching the show today. We absolutely love Disney and will continue to see the Disney On Ice shows until we're all old and grey.

There's one more show in Birmingham tomorrow and then the show moves on to Exeter, Aberdeen, Sheffield, London, Nottingham and then London again to finish off it's tour.

Tickets are still available online to buy now. Why not pop over and have a look for when the Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic show is coming to a city near you. If you love Disney, you'll love Disney On Ice. It's always a fun filled day out for the whole family. We love it.

Disclosure: We were gifted tickets to see the show in return for an honest review.

A Super Slow Sloths Game #Review for #InternationalSlothDay

A Super Slow Sloths Game Review
 for International Sloth Day.

The race is on to be crowned the slowest moving sloth in this ingeniously backwards board game from Ginger Fox. Snooze, Sabotage and Saunter your way to victory in a reverse race in which lethargy, laziness, dawdling and daydreaming are the passports to sloth success.

The last player to lumber over the finish line wins. Speed is not of the essence!

October 20th is International Sloth Day so we've been playing the Super Slow Sloths game to join in the Sloth fun. It's quite a different board game as it's the last player to finish wins. Most games are the first wins but not his one which makes it quite interesting to play.

The Box includes, 6 x sloth playing pieces, 100 x cards, 7 double sided jigsaw race track pieces and 1 x game spinner. You have everything you need inside the box to get playing.

Aimed at children aged 8 years and over, this game is suitable for up to 6 players. It'll cost you around £15 and is available for lots of stores including John Lewis and Debenhams, just to mention two. It's quite a complicated game but easy once you know how. It's not one for younger children as it takes a lot of concentration and reading of cards. We liked it though.

It's an easy board game to set up and lots of fun to play. You can shorten the length of the game by making your track shorter which is all explained in the instruction leaflet.  This Super Slow Sloths game is the one game that everyone wants to lose. As losing is winning with this board game, don't forget. It's almost like going forwards is going backwards.

If you like Sloths, then why not join in with #InternationalSlothDay yourself.

Disclosure: We received our Super Slow Sloths game in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Pomsies Lumies - Colour Matching Pom Pom Pets - Pixie Pop #Review

Pomsies Lumies - Colour Matching 
Pom Pom Pets - Pixie Pop Review

Lumies are the next generation of Pomsies, the Number 1 selling special feature plush in 2018 but with a rainbow-charged twist. These cute and interactive unicorn-pom pom pets can turn into any color: simply place your Lumies on an object and it will magically absorb that object’s color and shine bright! It's pretty amazing and actually works! I've tried it.

 In Music Mode, Lumies are able to turn color into different beats to create songs! You can use your Lumie friend to coordinate your outfits, mix some beats, or play a number of games such as “Lumie Says”, “Color Chase” and “Rainbow Tag”. LUMIES have lots of secrets: Hidden inside Lumies, there are over 50 secret sounds that you can find! You can unlock these surprises by touching certain colors in a certain order. Try this cheery pattern: green, green, yellow, orange Here’s a surprise that’s LOL: orange, green, orange.

Meet Pixie Pop - With a lasting twinkle in her eyes, Pixie Pop is ready for the spotlight and is always glowing with good vibes. Her personality is as bright and bouncy as her curly hair which is Rainbow coloured! There’s no limit to the fun you can have together!

Pomsies Lumies are chasing rainbows and mixing beats. They're both colourful and musical making them lots of fun for children to interact with. Lily loves matching her new new Lumie friend, Pixie Pop to all her favourite colours. She's been matching the colours of her clothes, her toys, her books and accessories and even the furniture. She's lots of fun to play with.

Matching Lily's school folders.

Matching Mummy's Jeans.

Matching Mummy's red love hearts.

Inside the box you get a Pomsies Lumie, a colourful comb and an Instruction Sheet. A Pomsies Lumie will cost you around £14.99 which is a great price for such an interactive toy like this. I can see them being very popular for Christmas. They're perfect for Unicorn lovers, Colour Chasers and Music fans too. It's nice to see a toy that does more than one fun thing.

We love our little Pomsies Lumie Pixie Pop. She's totally adorable.

Disclosure: We received our Pomsies Lumie in return for an honest review.

Friday, 11 October 2019



Christmas is on it's way - Hip Hip Hip - Hooray!

This Month's giveaway is a fantastic Cadbury Christmas Super Fun Pack. This Christmas chocolate gift includes Mini Snow Balls, Dairy Milk Buttons, a Dairy Milk Winter Edition bar, Freddo faces Tube, Fudge Minis tube and two NO.1 selling Christmas selection packs.

Doesn't it sounds Delicious?

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

I have some News - I'm Getting Married!

I have some News - I'm Getting Married! 

It's been a while since I've had some happy news around here, so I'm so excited to share some with you today. On Wednesday of this week (October 2nd) my partner of so many years finally asked me to marry him and I said YES! We're finally going to get married.

I am absolutely over the moon right now. I am so happy!

So, how did he Propose? I can hear you shouting:

Wednesday morning started out a little different than most as he left me in bed whilst he did the school run. It was my day off work for this week, so I was more than happy to accept. Upon his return he woke me up around 11am with a beautiful bunch of flowers in hand which was so sweet and so unlike him. I should have guessed then that something was up but I didn't. I got up as normal and headed downstairs to slob in front of the TV in my dressing gown, nothing unusual about that. BUT about half an hour later there was a knock at the door and even after shouting at him to "Get It", he was nowhere to be seen so I had to get up and get it myself. There at the door I was handed a giant box with my name on. I was so intrigued but so unaware. He must have reappeared quietly as I was excitedly opening the box cus as this giant balloon filled with rose petals floated out of the box with the most beautiful words I had even seen scribbled across it, "Will You Marry Me?" Of course I said YES!

We'd talked about marriage a lot over the last few months (and years) as he knew it was something I really wanted to do one day. We've been together for many years and have two beautiful children together so for me, it was the natural next step for our relationship. 

The children were so excited when we told them, they're so happy that Mummy and Daddy are getting married. Lily even cried when she found out, she's excited about her dress.

It's been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to have a big Fairytale Wedding with all my family and friends around me so I'm so excited to get started on the planning although with the budget we have it may be a small fairytale wedding more than a big one, but that's OK.

We're hoping to get the ball rolling real soon and see what we can arrange. I'd like a warm wedding so September next year would be my ideal date but with that being just under a year away, I'm not sure how realistic that would be. I'm excited to find out though - eek!

I will be hopefully sharing lots of my wedding planning with you over the next year so if that's something you're into, then do stay tuned and follow our little families wedding journey.

"I'm Getting Married!" 

Dreamworks Abominable Giant Everest 25cm Soft Toy #Review and #Giveaway

Dreamworks Abominable Giant Everest 25cm Soft Toy

Meet Everest, the loveable yeti from the blockbuster film, Abominable!

This DreamWorks Abominable Giant Everest 25cm Soft Toy costs around £17.99 and is set to inspire the funnest of play time adventures with your child. He comes presented in an Abominable branded box and is really easy to free from the box. The loveable yeti & star of the new Dreamworks Animation & Pearl Studios blockbuster, Abominable! The heart warming & extremely funny story tells how a teenage girl called Yi encounters a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment in Shanghai, he is missing his family & just wants to go home. Yi and her mischievous friends Jin and Peng, name him 'Everest' & embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on Earth. 

Brought to you by Rainbow Designs , he's sure to brighten up any child's day. Our Everest soft toy arrived last week and hasn't been left alone since he did. He's super soft and super cuddly, making him the perfect new friend for my boy Ryan. Ryan absolutely loves him!

We haven't seen the movie yet but after meeting Everest we're never quite excited to do so.  Ryan loves a soft toy to snuggle up too, you're never too old for a super soft cuddly toy. I'm 37 and still love my cuddly toys, I have a whole wardrobe topped, full of them as well as the ones in my bed. Soft toys are the one toy that you'll never get bored off, as they're made to last and be loved forever. Ryan may be getting older, but he's still often found with a soft toy in his bed or under his arm when he's watching a movie or a TV show on his iPad at night.

Ryan loves his Everest and can't wait for their next adventure together.

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Abominable Giant Everest 25cm Soft Toy?

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Terms and Conditions: One winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter App. 
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