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My Family

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Foodie Roos - Mini Plush Collectible Characters #Review

Foodie Roos - Mini Plush Collectible Characters Review 

We've had such a lazy Sunday today, it's been lovely. Amongst other things, we've been playing with our brand new Foodie Roos from John Adams. They're cute little plush collectible characters that are made to look, feel and smell just like their favourite foods!

Each Foodie Roos container gives you a little hint at which character is inside with a unique “Peek a Roo” reveal window. All of ours matched the window hint except for one, in which we found a "Rare" instead. Ryan was over the moon with his "Rare", he was so excited.

There's a total of 20 characters to collect in series 1 and each one will cost you £7.99.

The Foodie Roo food container turns into the Foodie’s room once he's been revealed. Inside you'll find a cute set of stickers to decorate the inside. The container,s also great for storage.

Ryan's "Rare" SugarPhant is absolutely adorable and smells so yummy.

Lily's PretzQuirrel (shown above) and Choci Pup (below) are both too cute.

I've got myself two rather excited children right now. They love their new Foodie Roos and can't wait to earn some pennies to treat themselves to some more. The pluses are real sweet and are great fun to collect. Ryan has his on his shelf while Lily has hers in her bed.

The kids are really into toys with a surprise element to them right now so these were right up their street. They love collectible toys and love plush toys so these are a defo win, win toy.

Foodie Roos get a fabulous thumbs up from both Lily and Ryan.

Disclosure: We were gifted our Foodie Roos in return for an honest review.

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