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Monday, 9 September 2019

Flight Club Brunch Social - Bottomless Pizza, a Bottle of Prosecco Each and a Darts Sampler #Review

Flight Club Brunch Social -  Bottomless Pizza, 
a Bottle of Prosecco Each and a Darts Sampler.

This weekend has been a bit of a crazy one thanks to the Flight Club Darts Brunch Social we attended on Saturday in Birmingham. I'm already a fan of Flight Club Birmingham after attending their opening launch in July. The Darts games are lots of fun and the whole place just has this amazing atmosphere that's quite addictive as I just couldn't wait to go back.

Running every Saturday and Sunday from 12-2pm and 2.30-4.30pm the Brunch Social features bottomless pizza (vegan and vegetarian options available), a bottle of Prosecco each and a Social Darts sampler,all soundtracked by their epic DJs. In addition to this, every quarter Flight Club runs a Brunch Social special, bringing a twist on the classic brunch with drinks partnerships, themes, glitter painters and the best tunes to get the party started.

What You Can Expect:

When you arrive, you check in straight away with the lovely reception team who welcome you with a smile. They do ask you to please make sure you’re on time for your session.

As well as a bottle of Prosecco for each guest, you'll also receive carafes of orange juice and water too which is lovely. The water was ice cold and the orange juice was delicious.

Your session will be split into two halves. You will get one hour to show off your Social Darts skills in the oche which is so much fun and then a second hour at a table in the bar where you can chill out a bit and soak up the atmosphere whilst catching up with your friends.

The team will bring round a selection of their paddle pizzas to keep you fuelled up from start to finish. The pizzas come out in waves, they're not continuous but that was OK.

I took my partner with me on Saturday as we went along for the 2.30pm start Brunch Social. The place was really busy which took me by surprise, I hadn't expected it to be so full in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. The whole place was buzzing with excited people.

There were hen parties and stag dos, groups of ladies and singles too. There was a great mix of people with one thing in common, their love of darts, or pizza and prosecco. Looking around was ace. I love the quirky decor of this place, the whole indoor carnival (fair) feel just makes me smile. There's something really special and quite different about this place.

I know from visiting before that, Flight Club has some fantastic cocktails so I had to treat myself to one before our Brunch Social started. The Sweet Success was just so good! 
Made with Ciroc French Vanilla vodka, Koko Kanu rum, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon and grenadine - it was delicious and looked so pretty. It's definitely a Instagramable drink.

(Cocktails are not included with the Brunch Social, I did pay for this separately.)

Our first hour was fantastic. We were taken to our Oche by our host who helped us take a group photo and do a group boomerang which was fun. She then talked up quickly through the games and left us too it. My partner and I are very competitive so it was quite the battle. We managed to fit a total of 10 games into our hour, there was no messing about in our Oche. I'm sad to report that he won eight of those games meaning I only won two - oh well :(

During the first hour there was pizza being brought around to the Oches all the time, it was great. I got to try lots of different varieties of their pizza which was really nice. The hour flew by really quickly but we had lots of fun whilst it lasted. It's been awhile since my partner and I had been out just the two of us like this, it's not easy getting time out when you have three kiddies. Flight Club was the perfect place for us as he loves darts and I love prosecco and pizza. Luckily it turns out that he loves prosecco and pizza too - so it was win, win!

Our second hour was a lot more chilled than the first. Once our hour in the Oche was up, we were escorted to a reserved table for two with our remaining drinks. We had a nice little spot not far from the DJ who was playing some fantastic 80's pop tunes. There was some real toe tappers being played, songs I've not heard in such a long time but absolutely love.

My only gripe was once we'd been moved to the table area, we were not given any plates for our pizza. The staff didn't seem to spot us sitting there at our table and were passing us by with all the pizza. I did manage to catch someone's attention after a while to ask for some plates to see if that would help us get noticed, which it did, I think. We did manage to get some pizza shortly after that, but only 2 or 3 slices I think as all the pizzas were being taken up to the new people now playing in the Oches. It was a little frustrating as it was in the second hour that I really could have used some pizza to eat to soak up all the prosecco. 

We'd spent our first hour making the most of the darts playing and had intended to eat our pizza more in the second hour once we'd got more free time, which we ended up regretting because as it turned out we didn't get much pizza in the second hour. I'm not sure if this happens every time or it's just what happened whilst we were there, but it was a little sad.

A Tip: Maybe try to eat more pizza in the first hour in case the same happens to you.

Overall, we had a fantastic few hours and loved the Brunch Social. Although I had a slight moan about the availability of the pizza in the second hour, I still had a good time. You'll be glad to know that it didn't completely spoil it. Both my partner and I would love to do it again.

My partner is setting up a boys visit as we speak, he can't wait to show the boys around.

The Flight Club Birmingham Brunch Social is available on various dates starting from Saturday 7th September 2019 and Tickets will cost you between £25.00 and £30.00.

Disclosure: We were invited to attend the Brunch Social for free. All the opinions expressed and photographs used within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own. 

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