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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Pigzbe: help your kids learn great money habits. And get £20-worth of free pocket money!

Pigzbe: help your kids learn great money habits.  
And get £20-worth of free pocket money!

Pigzbe is a new and exciting way of doing pocket money. It makes financial education child's play, helping kids aged 6+ learn the value of money in a fun and rewarding way. 

We're very big on earning pocket money in this house so this is right up our street!

You can sign up to hear when the new Pigzbe app goes live and, if you’re based in the UK, you can earn £20 worth of free pocket money when you subscribe. You can then invite your friends and family to help you can earn even more pocket money, up to £160 in fact – just by helping them spread the word. It sounds like an easy way to earn some pocket money.

They'll send your free pocket money when you subscribe to the Pigzbe App for 1 month. 

A Pigzbe app subscription is £3.99 a month for up to two children with a 1-month free trial :)

How Pigzbe works.

Pigzbe combines the Pigzbe Piggy Wallet which is an educational pocket money app for kids and parents alike, and their own digital currency, Wollo. Here’s how it all works! 

Pigzbe help kids:
  • Understand the value of money
  • Make the connection between hard work and rewards
  • Develop responsible saving habits
  • Develop their independence and self-sufficiency
  • Prepare kids for a future of digital money 

Learn more about Pigzbe, the digital way to do pocket money.

It sure looks like a fun way of learning to save your pocket money. It's definitely something I'd be willing to trial at home with my two and who knows, it could be the key to getting them to finally do their chores around the hours. After all, chores mean money - pocket money!

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