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Friday, 19 July 2019

Flight Club - Birmingham's Newest Social Darts Bar

Flight Club - Birmingham's Newest Social Darts Bar 

Last night I attended the Press Launch of Birmingham's newest bar in town and have to say that it's amazing! It opens to the public from today, Friday July 19th but last night we got to go inside and enjoy a sneak preview beforehand. Standing proud on Birmingham's Temple Street, it's in a prime location for an easy to get too, night out. It's just a two minutes stroll from New Street Station and even has a queue of Taxis waiting outside for an easy pickup at night. It's definitely the kind of bar I'd want to go to with my girls if we were out in town. 

Flight Club Birmingham has a really fun and modern feel throughout. It's like having all the fun of the fair but with a added bar and a darts board. It has everything you'd expect from a good bar in the city centre, it's got gorgeous cocktails, delicious food, a DJ and dance floor. 

But then it has so much more. Social Darts is played in an area called an ‘oche’ (it rhymes with hockey). That’s the space from the throw line to the dartboard, as well as your own seating area. It reminded me a little of when you go bowling, you take your picture and add your name before you start. Each oche can hold up to 12 players and costs around £30 for the hour which isn't per person, it's per playing area which makes it a good price really.

There's 5 fun games you can play and each one was very different to your usual game of Darts. I loved the fact that the games took away the skill levels and made the game easier for the non dart players like me. Social Darts was great fun and a great way to make new friends. I guess when you book your own oche, you'll be with people you know but last night we were all mixed up with strangers and it turned out to be a great idea as I made so many new friends. There's nothing like being paired with a total stranger to bring out your competitive streak. I found myself getting into the game, enjoying lots of laughs, creams and even a few high fives. An hour of Darts has never been so much fun, I absolutely loved it.

 Your oche has everything you need for a good night out. There's a hidden place for your bags underneath the counters, coat hooks on the wall for your coats and jackets, a comfy seating area to relax on, in between your goes and a super savvy computer that not only controls your game throughout but also allows you to order any drinks and food too. 

The clever super computer also films you and plays back random Play Backs when you least expect it. I won one of my games and got the surprise of my life when it flashed up on the screen with a replay video of me taking my shot and then celebrating afterwards by high fiving my team mate but it was all in good fun and it did give us something to laugh at.

The Tankard Ten Cocktail was very very nice, made up of Tanqueray 10 gin, peach and
peach liqueur, lemon and cider, it made for a really cool, refreshing drink (£9.75).

The Pizzas were pretty good too, I'd definitely order one of them on my next visit.

This place had such a good vibe to it, the whole place was buzzing last night. The Games were great fun, the place looked amazing and the food was spot on. I had brought my Father In Law along with me last night as he's a huge darts lover and I'm happy to say he had a great time, he loved it. It was nice to look around and see a room full of people of all ages coming together through the love of a game. Who knew darts was so much fun.

Flight Club Birmingham opens today and I'm dying to go back again already. I can't wait to get my girls together and get stuck in. It definitely gets my seal of approval.

Disclosure: I was invited to the Press Launch of Birmingham's Flight Club. This review is written in all honesty with my own opinions about the experiences I enjoyed. 

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