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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Exploring Birmingham's City Centre - See what I got up to.

Exploring Birmingham's City Centre
See what I got up to. 

Today I set out on an exciting adventure to find the Best of Brum. Even though I live here in Birmingham, I often head into the city with my head down, hurrying past the unknown and just literally grabbing what I need and going home but today I decided to explore a little further and keep my head up high to see what I've been missing on all my latest visits.

People travel from all over to explore our beautiful city, I know that because of the pure amount of people I passed this morning with cameras on show around their necks. Everyone knows the usual reasons to visit Brum, the Concert Arenas, the lure of chocolate from Cadbury World, fun and games at our LegoLand and Sealife Centre and more. There's always an abundance of Hotels in Birmingham too so you're never far away from it all. 

Today I decided to enjoy the little pleasures in life so I headed up to Brum by train and walked around, popping into all the places that caught my eye and took my fancy.

My first stop had to be the Biggest Primark in the World of course. How could I not go in there, it's just so pretty. There's was two main reasons for my Primark visit this morning, the firstly was to get some breakfast of Mickey Mouse Waffles in their brand new Disney Cafe and secondly was to get myself a sparkly new customised T shirt from their Custom Lab.

Adults T shirts cost £8 and can be customised in so many ways. 

Mickey Mouse Waffles cost £2.50 and a Regular Hot Chocolate costs £2.50.

Up next was the Bullring of course, it's another place that everyone must visit. It's full of interesting shops and delicious food places. There's so many places to check out in there. One of my favourite shops is Hotel Chocolate which now sells ice creams and hot chocolates. Everything looks so good in there, it's really hard to control yourself and not want to buy it all. I was really good and just picked up some small treats for the kids.

A bit further along Link Street and into Grand Central, I spotted a brand new place called Slim Chickens which had only just opened yesterday so I had to go in there and check it out. I ordered their Spicy BBQ Double Sandwich Fried Meal and OMG was it delicious! The smell hit me as soon as it landed on my table, sticky, spicy BBQ goodness wrapped in a bun, topped with the most tasty onion rings I've had in awhile. They were so so good. This meal cost me £10.95 and was worth every penny. I'm so glad I went it and I'd defo go again.

I have to admit, I only ate half of my burger and was stuffed so I took the rest home in a take out box for later. The chicken breasts were really big so one would have been enough for me. Anyway, up next was my trip to another place that smells so good, LUSH. Lush can be found just outside the entrance to the Bullring on New Street. Again it's quite a new store so it's lovely to visit, everything looks so pretty and bright inside. It's one of my fave places to pop into when I'm in town, even when I'm not even buying anything, I can't resist the smells.

Today I treated myself to a bar of luxury sopa and the kids to some bath bombs and bubble makers. I can't wait to show them later, they're gonna be so happy, they love LUSH, like me.

Whilst walking around the upper level of Grand Central I spotted a new place which looked very eye catching, American Candy World. I'm a sucker for American Candy so I had to go in. Inside, it's wall to wall candy. It's absolutely everywhere and there's so much of it. I was in candy heaven and had to pick up a few American treats for us to try out later on. Yum!

It is quite pricey inside but seeing as this was a one off, a few treats couldn't hurt.

I've been such a busy bee this morning but I've had so much fun. I was 'almost' all shopped out when I spotted a Krispy Kreme shop inside New Street Station and had to go inside. I've not had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut in ages so I thought I'd treat myself to one, or three.

You can choose any 3 doughnuts for £5.25. I picked a Chocolate Sprinkles for Ryan, a Strawberries and Cream for Lily and a Salted Caramel Cheesecake for me - yummy!

There's so many places to see and visit when you come to Brum. Today I found lots of little pleasures and had myself a really nice day. I stayed in the in the centre of the city but if you go out a little further there's a whole host of other cool and exciting places for you to find.

 You could head to Digbeth or The Cube, Brindley Place or Millenium Point. Birmingham is full of fun just waiting. Whatever you get up to here in Birmingham , I hope you have fun! 

Disclosure. My spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.

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