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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Action Man - The Perfect Gift for Your Action Man this Father’s Day #Review

Action Man - The Perfect Gift for Your 
Action Man this Father’s Day.

For many kids, the greatest hero they know is their very own Dad so why not treat your Dad this Father’s Day to a trip down memory lane with the hero of their childhoods, Action Man!

Action Man is the ultimate action figure of today and past generations and you'll be happy to hear that the Action Man Timeless Classic figures are not only just like the originals, but they're packaged in the same boxes, like they used to be, too. They're a really fun way to show your Dad just how much you look up to him by giving him a Hero to enjoy together. 

There's three Action Men to collect in the new range, a Sailor, a Soldier and a Pilot. Each one will cost you around £14.99 which is a pretty good price for an action figure. They measure 30cm tall and come with multiple points of articulation, plus a set of really cute signature Action Man dog tags around their necks, the attention to detail is superb. 

The Sailor Action Man comes smartly dressed and ready for work in his blue sailor suit. He has a rather cute beret on his head and a pair of black working man's boots on his feet. 

The Pilot Action Man comes ready for 'Take Off' in his bright orange flight suit with air control helmet. He also has a pair of black working man's boots on his feet, which I love.

For a few extra pounds the three Action Man Deluxe Classic Sets which will cost you £24.99 have extra accessories with them for the perfect retro experience and even more play value. I think every dad is going to want to play with these awesome throwback toys!

My big brother always played with his Action Man when I was little, they were a big part of our childhood as I remember so I'm pleased that they're back so my son will get to experience the enjoyment now that his Uncle did back then. I'm sure his Daddy had some too. They were always a great toy to open up the imagination, I mean the game possibilities are endless. Our Pilot and Sailor have been having an adventure in the Jungle this week.

It may only be our back garden but it's pretty much a jungle right now.

Action Man would make a lovely gift for the man or boy in your life. He's awesome!

Disclosure: We received our Action Man in return for an honest review.

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