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My Family

Monday, 18 March 2019

Under the Sea in Cape Verde - It's a Snorkelers Paradise

Under the Sea in Cape Verde - It's a Snorkelers Paradise 

Just a few years back, I got to spend two whole weeks in paradise. Sun, sea and Sand. Cape Verde is everything I'd hoped it would be and so much more. The beautiful island of Boa Vista is just a little dot in the ocean but it's so full of life, both on land and under the sea.

Daddy and I love the sea so this was always somewhere on our 'bucket list' of places to visit. Our favourite part of any holiday is always the boat trips out to sea. Being able to swim in the sea is just such a wonderful feeling, you feel free and dresh, daring yet calm. There's a whole host of wonderful creatures under the sea that get forgotten about so very often. 

Snorkeling is something we both love to do although Daddy is a much more confident than me but I still like to have a go. I used to struggle with the normal snorkel masks as I was always worried my mouth piece would fall out and I wouldn't be able to breath so when I heard about these new Full Face Snorkel Masks, I was so excited. Finally, a mask for me.

Our boat trip in Cape Verde took us out to sea on their Sea Turtle Catamaran. We got to spend five hours out at sea, relaxing on deck, enjoying a never ending supply of champagne and the freedom to swim and snorkel in the sea. I didn't have my camera at this point so the guy on the ship gave me some of the shots he'd taken on a similar trip for me to use.

Just look at the pretty fish and the beautiful turtle. Cape Verde is know for breeding turtles on it's protected beaches so there's always lots of them around the island to see in the sea.

Without a snorkel mask, I'd never be able to enjoy such sighs as these so I really can't wait for our next underwater adventure as I now have my hands on a beautiful new mask. Simply Scuba kindly sent us some Seac Sub Unica Full Face Snorkels to use on our next trip.

The Seac Unica Full Face Snorkels are a great way to  keep your face out of the water while snorkelling. The mask covers your whole face and lets you look down into the water while breathing normally through your nose and mouth. The wide Z-shaped seal creates an effective watertight seal all around your face and even if any water does get in then it will get trapped away from your face and pushed out the bottom when you breathe out. It's perfect for me, and just what I'd been looking for. It's going to make snorkeling for me so much more relaxing and enjoyable as it takes away all the worrying about breathing properly.

With our new masks all ready and waiting, I wonder where we'll use them next?

Just thinking about our trip to Cape Verde has made me crave another holiday. I'd love a new adventure in the sun, somewhere warm with beautiful views and a deep blue sea.

Those were the days . . .

Disclosure: We received our Snorkel Masks in return for a mention in this post. 

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