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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Feisty Pets - An Alternative Halloween Gift Idea #Review

Feisty Pets - An Alternative Halloween Gift Idea

Aww, just look at how cute and cuddly they both are, meet the Feist Pets from Jazwares

This is Glenda Glitterpoop and Sammy Suckerpunch. They're totally adorable but eek - don't be fooled by those cute fury faces. They may look innocent but these cute and cuddly pets have a dark side. A dark side, making them perfect for alternative Halloween gifts this year.

These cute plush toys go from happy and sweet too angry and feisty at the simple squeeze of a button. There's no batteries involved which I love because they'll never need changing or run out. There's two easy to press buttons, one located on each side of the pets head behind the ears which you'll need to press together at the same time to change their expressions from cute to fur-ociously funny. Both Ryan and Lily laughed so much when they saw them for the first time as they wasn't expecting their pets faces to change like they did.

We've had great fun playing with our Feisty Pets this past week, we even painted our faces on one of the days to look like our pets. I'm not the best at painting faces but I had a go and we had fun, and the kids were happy so that's all that matters really. Just look at their faces.

There are several different Feisty Pets to collect, each one just as scary as the others. 

They will cost you just £14.99 each which is a great price for a toy that's just going to keep on giving and are available to buy from Argos, Smyths and other big toy sellers.  

They're just perfect for Halloween, if you're looking for something other than chocolate, these could be ideal. They can be used for cuddly pets or scary pets, whenever you like.

Disclosure: We received our Feisty Pets in return for an honest review.

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