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Friday, 7 September 2018

Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX #Review

Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX Review

The Venom brand was created back in 2012 after seeing these awesome little bikes being made as bespoke items in Indonesia, Venom then decided the ride of a Mini BMX should be available for the world to enjoy and so the Venom Mini BMX was born! The Venom Pro has been designed to cater for the more serious rider who wants a mini BMX with all of the premium features you would expect from a full size Pro BMX, including 3 piece cranks, a top loaded stem and premium translucent colour ways. A full list of it's features includes:
  • High tensile steel frame
  • 10 inch steel rims
  • 30psi tyres
  • 3 piece cranks
  • Tappered Threadless forks
  • Top loaded stem
  • Lightweight plastic pedals
  • Updated rear dropouts
  • Venom branded saddle
  • Upgraded CNC dropouts
  • 9.5” X 26.5” handle bars
  • Pair of stunt pegs
  • ODI style grips
  • Fully sealed stainless steel wheel bearings
  • 28/12T gearing
  • Full instruction manual and tool kit
  • Total weight only 10kg
  • Sealed Mid bottom bracket
  • Premium Translucent colourways
A few weeks back I gave my son, Ryan, the choice of any Mini BMX Bike from the Skates.Co.Uk website. After a long hard look at them all he decided that he wanted the Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX. He loved the colour and decided the snake logo on the seat was the deciding factor for him as it was just 'super cool' and he had to have it. (Bless).

Stunt Bikes and Stunt Scootering is becoming really popular right now. We often like to stop and watch the local kids at our skate park as they zoom up and down the ramps doing their magical tricks and stunts. It's something my boy has always wanted to have a go at himself.

Root Industries are getting particularly popular with riders at the moment.

With his new Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX, he's now able to join in. He may not be able to do all the cool tricks that the pro's can do but he sure looks the part whilst he's learning and trying his best. He's been having great fun practising these past few weeks and really loves his new bike. I was a little unsure about the size of the bike and the whole practicality of how he'd be able to ride it but I really shouldn't have wasted any time worrying about it because he's doing just fine. The Mini BMX's are suitable for everyone: boys, girls, men and women.

The Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX will cost you £129.99 from Skates.Co.Uk.

Ryan is no pro just yet but he's enjoying riding his BMX anyway. He's never had a BMX bike before so it's taking some getting used to but he's loving it. The great things about this bike is that it will last for years, he won't be outgrowing it any time soon. At the moment he's sitting down when riding but as he gets bigger he can learn to ride standing up too. There's so many stunts and tricks just waiting to be mastered and I just know that he's going to have so much fun learning them all but for now, he's just happy riding his super cool bike around.

Disclosure: We received our Venom 2017 Pro Mini BMX in return for an honest review.

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