My Family

My Family

Thursday, 16 August 2018

When Life doesn't Go to Plan .. See how 2018 is Going so far.

When Life doesn't Go to Plan .. 
See how 2018 is Going so far.

Sometimes life just doesn't go to plan. That doesn't mean life isn't good, it just means life has a mind of it's own and likes to surprise us. Last week started out as an ordinary week. We were on Week 3 of the Summer holidays, the kids were off visiting family and we were generally loving life. On Friday evening we were happily finishing of the final touches to our Summer holiday, we'd found our perfect cottage and was all ready to book the day after. 

Saturday morning however, I headed off to work for the day whilst Daddy took the kids off for a family bike ride through the fields to the airport. After having such a lovely day they sadly returned to find someone had crashed into our car outside the house and drove off leaving it very badly damaged. A kind neighbour gave us the cars details which we handed over to the Police but the car sadly was then written off that day by our Insurance company.

After a whirlwind of phone calls, tears and stress, we finally have the Insurance sorted and a new car all picked out but I can't help but feeling a little sad now. People keep saying to me, 'It;s just a car' but do you know what? It's so much more than that because that car having to be replaced at this time in our lives has caused a massive Butterfly Effect for our family.

In the short term it obviously means the holiday we were going to book is now on hold. The kids don't seem too bothered but I'm gutted. I've worked hard all year and was really looking forward to a week away with my family. Just one week of family time to relax and re fuel ready to go back to work until Christmas (dare I say the C word but it's not that far away).

In the long term it now means that the Mortgage / House move we were going to do next year is a no go as we've spent our savings on the new car. Being in a two bedroom house with 3 children is proving very tiring and I was so looking forward to the idea of moving. Now that we won't be able to move next year, I'm having to re think the whole situation. Do we give up and go private or do we try to re arrange the house to make things work for us here?

It's been a really tough week for us here but I know we'll be OK. Life has a funny way of throwing a spanner in the works and changing our life's plans but what choice do we have but to go with the flow and embrace it. Life's too short to spend it worrying about what might or could have been so we're going to focus on the future and try our best for our little family.

How's your Summer of 2018 going so far? Better than our I hope x

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