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My Family

Friday, 24 August 2018

Inflata Nation Birmingham - The Inflatable Theme Park that Opens Tomorrow!

Inflata Nation Birmingham - 
The Inflatable Theme Park that Opens Tomorrow! 

Last night we went along to the pre launch event of Birmingham's newest attraction. Inflata Nation Birmingham is a brand new inflatable theme park that opens to the public tomorrow! We were amongst the first people to see inside and I have to say, it's pretty impressive. Located in Unit E of the Stechford Retail Park, it's nice and easy to find and has ample parking for your visit. Inside the unit, you'll find a giant inflatable theme park with gigantic slides and Gladiator style games and the biggest ball pit I've ever been in before.

This place is what my childhood dreams were made of, a room filled with giant inflatables that children and adults could play on. Everyone loves a bouncy castle so what's not to love about a whole room filled with them. The kids were so excited when they walked in the room. Their little faces lit up with excitement, they were bouncing of the walls before they'd even got started. It wasn't only the children who were excited though, as daddy and I were pretty stoked. It even managed to get my teen excited and that takes some pretty hard doing these days but with a room that looked as fun as this one did, we couldn't help it.

Inflata Drop - Try this jaw dropping inflatable slide and land in a giant ball pool. 

Inflata Dual - A wibbly wobbly gladiator duel platform. 

Prices for your first hour of play cost £5.95 for under 4's and £9.95 for anyone older.

Spectators are FREE of charge!  

The prices are quite expensive but after having such an amazing time, I'm inclined in thinking, it's kind of worth the costs for a family treat every now and again. 

You can add an additional hour at the cost of £3.00 for under 4's and £7.00 for everyone else but that's where costs start to build up. I think I would have liked it if the prices were for an hour and a half as the cafe there served some great burgers and other treats which you wouldn't really get enough time to enjoy if you only had 1 hour to play, rest, eat and drink.

There's a lovely cafe area with lots of tables and chairs for you to relax on in between playing and there's even an upstairs seating area which has a great view over the arena. 

Days out that excite the whole family are hard to come by these days but Inflatanation managed it last night. Each one of us had such a fantastic time and loved having some good old fun together. We battled it out in the Gladiator game, Played the human version of Hungry Hippos and took turns racing each other through the inflatable assault courses. We screamed sliding down slides, climbed walls and swam through a pit of balls which I loved.

Inflata Duo - A giant dual lane drop slide, that you can enjoy with friends.

Inflata Wall - Take on the wall and you'll be scaling our giant inflatable climbing wall.

Inflatanation opens to the public from tomorrow, Saturday August 25th and is well worth a visit or two. It's probably best to book online in advance to save time on your visit and to make sure you get the time slot that you'd like. I can see this place getting really busy once the word gets out. They also cater for parties which each of my children now want. I can't really blame them though as I'd want a birthday party here too if I was there age. Heck, I still want one now at this age. This place has a kind of magic of making you forget how old you are. I think I happily bounced around for hours last night without a care in the world. I must admit, I am feeling it a little this morning though, I think the magic must have worn off - ouch.

If you love bouncy castles and inflatable fun, then this place is defo for you!

You can find it at, Unit E Stechford Retail Park, Flaxley Parkway, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AN.

Disclosure: We were invited to the pre launch event as guests. I've written this review of my own free will. All the photographs and opinions within it are 100% honest and all our own.

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