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Monday, 2 July 2018

McDonalds Table Service - Making Life a Little Easier with #YourNewMcDonalds

McDonalds Table Service - Making Life a Little Easier with #YourNewMcDonalds

A few weeks back I showed you how to use the New McDonalds Click and Collect App

Today I'd like to show you how the addition of Table Service to the restaurants could make your visits so much easier.

McDonald's introduced table service to make their customers lives that little bit easier whether you've got your hands full with shopping bags or full with children who're trying to escape. the Table Service option is the perfect way to relax and make dining in McDonald's a whole lot easier. By placing your order on the digital kiosks, you can select an option at the end to have your food brought over to your table for you.

Most McDonald's now have this option which is really great for us busy Mums. I use it all the time with my lot. The Grove Lane restaurant has recently undergone a refurbishment and now has brand new kiosks with trackable Locator Tokens which were pretty cool. The Grove Lane restaurant has the most up to date version of table service, which is being rolled out across restaurants this year. The new system uses trackable locators to help the crew members locate where you're sitting and deliver your food.

They're really easy to use, you'll get a screen like the one show above where you simply enter the number on your Locator and off you go. When you've found the table you'd like to eat at, you pop your Locator onto the table and wait. Table Service not only makes your visit much easier but the staff told me they really like it too, as it takes the pressure off customers waiting for food at the front of the restaurant and provides the staff with more opportunities to interact with their customers which they always love doing.

Table service at McDonald's is such a good idea as it means Mums don't have to leave their children unattended and people in general can just relax and not have to stand around waiting, which makes the whole restaurant just feel so much happier. I kind of wish they'd had this service years ago when my children were younger, it would have made our visits much easier.

Table Service is for everyone, you don't have to have children or a hand full of bags. I've used it when I've been on my own and still received my food with a friendly smile and a Hello. Sometimes you just need to sit down for 5 minutes and enjoy a food break, or two.

McDonald's has really come a long way in the last few years, It's a place to relax, meet friends, spend time with family and so much more. It provides a friendly service and supports so many staff members in their roles as well as helping community members too. Times have changed for the better and it's pretty awesome.

When I visited the Grove Lane restaurant in Cape Hill I got to speak to the lovely Franchise Afia Sirkot who's spent the last 17 years building up her business. She told me all about her work force who she liked to call 'her family' all 100+ of them. McDonald's is all about teal work and helping people whatever stage of their lives they're in. Afia really inspired me with all the work she does for the community and the support she gives to the Ronald McDonald House Charity here in Birmingham. She does some amazing work, I'm not quite sure how she fits it all. Sponsoring local football teams, providing kits for children who need it and running lots of fundraisers showing local children how to raise money for the,selves. 

Afia told me "It doesn't matter if you've not got much. You can still become something".

Disclosure: This post is written in association with McDonalds. 

All opinions expressed within this post are 100% honest and all my own.

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