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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Who says You can't look Pretty at bedtime? See my Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set from UK Lingerie #Review

Who says You can't look Pretty at bedtime? See my Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set from UK Lingerie.

Generally when we think of bedtime, we think of oversized granny nighties or complete cover ups lounge pants and oversized T's. Myself, I mainly wear a pair of cotton lounge pants and a vest top to bed, completely mismatched, boring and completely unflattering.

UK Lingerie kindly offered to change that for me and let me choose myself something new to wear to bed from their website. They have lots to choose from and something for all. I tried my best not to choose more of what I already have so went completely out of my comfort zone and went for the Dreamgirl Round neck and Soft Cami and Shorts Set.

Dreamgirl have created the perfect bridge between practical and sexy with this cami and shorts set. It's comfy and practical yet sexy too as the snug fit, short shorts and that details lace in places gives it that extra little touch that's needed. It's a really beautiful set.

I was hoping to show you a picture of me wearing it but I'm sorry to say that I chickened out. It fits so well and does make me feel so much better than my comfy old PJ's ever did but I decided that a picture of me in my PJ's isn't something you'd want to see really so I spared you that image. Instead I took pictures of the set laid upon my bed so you can get a idea of what they look like in real life. I usually wear a size 12 in clothing so went for a size Medium in these and they fit nicely. The top is tight but not too tight, it's just nicely fitted. The shorts are short but not too revealing that I couldn't still wear them round the house. I may save them more for nights away or nights when the children aren't home as they're a little more revealing than my kids are used too but they are lovely and I look forward to wearing them.

 This Dreamgirl Cami set will cost you £47 and is available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Mine is a Medium which fits me perfectly and I'm a size UK 12.

I love my new PJ's, they're so pretty and girly. They make me feel better about myself when I wear them, I feel much less like just Mummy and a whole lot more like 'ME' again.

UK Lingerie have so many beautiful cami sets to choose from. They don't just have cami sets though, they have more comfy and practical PJ's too if you'd prefer them.

I'm so happy with my new PJ's and I look forward to wearing them again soon.

Disclosure: I recieved my Cami Set from UK Lingerie for free in return for an honest review.

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