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Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Head of Steam Birmingham - More than Just Beer! #Review

The Head of Steam Birmingham - More than Just Beer! 

Last night I got a VIP Preview inside Birmingham's newest venue of food, cocktails and specialist beers. The Head of Steam, will open on Temple Street where it will host some of Birmingham’s local brewed beers, including Birmingham Brewing Company & Dig Brew Co.

Established in 1995, The Head of Steam has 13 pubs across the North of England in cities such as Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, and Liverpool. As well as launching in Nottingham and Leicester earlier this year, it is preparing to open more venues further down the country.

Birmingham has an ever growing chain of pubs and restaurants popping up all over but for me, this place has something different to offer. They have an amazing drinks Menu filled with Beers, Cask Ales, Cocktails, Gins and so much more. I love the fact that they have Beers to impress every man and serve quirky cocktails to please the ladies too. This place has the best of both worlds and it's not just welcoming to people, as dogs are welcome too!

The decor is pretty impressive, with a mixture of high seated tables and side booths, there's a real trendy feel to this place. The bar sits in the middle, serving round all sides of it's island. The bartenders were all very friendly and chatted away whilst serving us our drinks. 

If you're a Gin lover, then you will love this place as the whole section you can see pictured in front of me was all Gin. I'm not a Gin drinker myself but even I was impressed with all the different varieties they served and the glasses - there was just so many pretty glasses.

My friend Toni and I sampled a few of the drinks on offer for research purposes of course and have to say everything was fab. My favourite drink of the night would be their Pick Me Up (£7.95) a sparkling little number with blended passionfruit delights topped with prosecco. It's mixture of sweetness from the passionfruit with the dryness of the proseco was lovely.

Toni loved her Steamy Martini (£7.95) which is their very own version of the well known Pornstar Martini but with an added Head Of Steam twist. Toni enjoyed it that much, she ordered another. She was mighty impressed with the cute hearts design that had been lovingly hand crafted onto the top. It's something you see on coffees all the time but never on cocktails so that was a lovely thing so see. We did let our waiter know how great it was.

It's safe to say, the cocktails were delicious and the Brummie Pale Ale was pretty good too. 

The Head Of Steam doesn't just do drinks though as they serve food too. The Menu contains a real mix of tradition foods like Fish & Chips, Burgers and Pies but also has some interesting dishes like Korean Inspired Squid. I gave that one a miss but I'm sure someone would be impressed. We happily feasted on a selection of their dishes and have to say, it was all good. From Starters, to Light Bites, Full dinners to Sides. All our food was tasty.

My highlight was the Mac & Cheese sides (£3.00) they were super yummy. So fresh and tasty. Served hot, the mac and cheese was all gooey and cheesy, just like it should be. I quite happily ate all 5 of them even after I was full up. They were just too good to waste. 

Toni's highlight was the Strawberry & Rhubarb Cheesecake (£4.25) which looked pretty good. She said it was delicious and the flavours were just delightful. It must have been as she demolished the whole lot before I even got a taste. I even had to stop her from licking the plate. As far as Cheesecakes go, I'll take Toni's word that this one was a good one.

We both had a wonderful evening last night checking out The Head Of Steam Birmingham and have to say, it's definitely our kind of place. Good food and Great drinks served by really friendly staff in a gorgeous new setting, what more could we have asked for?

You'll be glad to know that The Head Of Steam Birmingham officially opens to the public today (June 7th) at 5pm so if you're in the city centre, pop in and check it out for yourself.

Disclosure: We were invited guests at the Head Of Steam Press Night. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and all my own. The photo's too.

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