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My Family

Thursday, 21 June 2018

ROBLOX Celebrity - Series 1 #Review

ROBLOX Celebrity - Series 1 

This week we've been playing with the brand new ROBLOX Celebrity figures from their Series 1 range. We've been lucky enough to review ROBLOX toys in the past so we were very excited when we were asked to check out their newest additions. I mean who doesn't like a Celebrity? After seeing my kids reactions to these toys, I know my kids now do.

Above: Celebrity Collection Top Runway Model Set

Above: Celebrity Collection Pixel Artist

Above: Mystery Figure Surprise Packs

ROBLOX from Jazwares are a fun range of collectable figures aimed at children aged 6 years and up. The Celebrity range is full of bright and colourful characters, with lots of fashion accessories and interchangeable parts like different coloured wigs, props and pets.

Ryan and Lily were so excited when they arrived and they couldn't wait to open them all. Out of all the toys we were sent, the Mystery Figure Surprise Packs were their favourites. 

Priced at £4 each, they're great 'Pocket Money' toys that children can collect, swap and share. I love the fact that there are lots of girl characters in the range making them suitable for girls as well as boys. There's some great characters, Lily is now after a Mermaid one. 

We've opened our Mystery Figure Surprise Packs, check out who we got.

Above: Super Hero Life: Starlass

Above: Initiate of Glorious Flight

Above: FuzzyWoooo

Lily and Ryan are delighted with their new ROBLOX additions and can't wait to collect more. They're going to be doing lots of chores this week to earn some pocket money to buy them. It's a win, win situation really, they get new toys and I get a clean house. ROBLOX are lovely little figures, great for creative, fun play and getting their imagination going.

Disclosure: We received our ROBLOX toys in return for an honest review.

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