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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Cry Babies Nala #Review

Cry Babies Nala Review

Meet Nala, Cry Babies newest arrival. Isn't she adorable?

She's definitely one for the doll lovers out there, young kids will go crazy for these Cry Babies. These lovable dolls make crying sounds and even cry real tears. Give them their dummy and a cuddle to stop them from crying. They cry real water tears and make realistic baby noises when you take their dummies away from them. For more fun, their arms and legs are movable and they come with their own cute changeable onesies! Nala, alongside Dotty and Lady are the brand new dolls new to the collection for April 2018 and retail at £29.99. They're recomended for children aged 18 months + and are at most toy stores now.

Nala has been living with us for over a week now and I' like to say her stay has gone un-noticed but that would be a lie as I can hear her crying sounds most days when ever Lily is playing with her. She is adorable but she is a bit if a Cry Baby so you'll be glad to know there is an 'off' switch for when her crying gets a little bit too much for us Mums or Dads.

Nala is a hard bodied doll with movable arms and legs. She's a nice sized doll for Lily who although is 11 years old, still loves her dolls and this one is no exception. Lily loves her cute little outfit, the animal onesie is just delightful. She's the sweetest little thing when she cries.

When you remove her hood, you'll find a little compartment with a twist off cap section underneath. You simply fill that with water and that's it. Nala has three play settings which you can control with another switch found in her back covered by her onesis. There's her Demo setting, Play setting and a very welcomed Off setting for when she's not in play.

Just look at those big teary eyes, those pink pouted lips and that cute pink curl.

Lily loves her new Cry Babies Doll and will continue to look after her for the near future. 

Disclosure: We received our Cry Babies Doll for free in return for an honest review.

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