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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Chad Valley Be U Hair Beader and Braider Set #Review

Chad Valley Be U Hair Beader and Braider Set

It's been a sad week for us as we played with our final box of Chad Valley Play Panel toys.

 It's been such a pleasure being apart of this lovely group for the second year running and so much fun, the kids have had a blast. We've grown up playing with Chad Valley toys and will continue to do so no matter how old we get. Out of our toys this month, we wanted to talk about the Chad Valley Be U Hair Beader and Braider Set which Lily, who's 10, has been testing out. It retails at £19.99 and is suitable for children aged 5 years and over as there are lots of small beads. It all comes in quite a large box which is very appealing to children and includes a beading machine, a hair braider, 2 boxes of beads, two clips and a comb.

The Chad Valley Be U Hair Beader and Braider Set looked very good at first glance but we did find it a little tricky to use. Lily isn't very good at doing her own hair yet so she did struggle on her own. The hair braider seemed to twist her hair rather than braid it but we did try it a few times to check. It could be that we were doing it wrong but we did try to follow the instructions that were included. The hair beader was much easier to use and actually quite fun too as the simple tool made adding lots of pretty beads to your hair really easy to do. 

 Also included was a hair band, some coloured strips of hair and a ponytail tool which was Lily's favourite thing. She's had her hair in the twisted ponytail style (shown in the bottom picture) every day since we got the set as she loves it so much and it's so easy to do. We have had fun playing with the set to create some fun and pretty hairstyles for Lily but is it something that we'd buy ourselves? I don't think it is but that's only because I don't tend to buy toys that come with beads as they end up all over the house. I'm happy to say that the beads in this set though, comes nice and neat in sealed packs which I don't mind so much.

Lily loves trying out new hairstyles in her hair so she did like this set. Some of the parts are a little tricky for her to use on her own but I'm sure she'll get better in time with practice. 

The Be U Hair Beader and Braider Set gets 3/5 score from us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

Disclosure:  This review is written as part of our Chad Valley Play Panel Reviews.

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