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My Family

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

There's some Brand New Sports-themed collectible Toys in Town - Meet #Smashers by Zuru.

There's some Brand New Sports-themed collectible Toys in Town - Meet #Smashers by Zuru.

We are delighted to be able to show you the brand new toys from Zuru called Smashers. 

Today is their big launch day here in the UK and we are so excited to be apart of it.

Zuru Smashers are a brand new sports-themed collectible toy that come in a little red ball which you have to Smash open to reveal the toy inside. There's over 100 to collect from Super Rare to Bad Sports, Game Changers to Hard Hitters. It's all very exciting and my Ryan is over the moon to be seeing these before any one else today. We were sent a giant Pinata which Ryan had to smash open this morning to reveal all the Smashers inside.

Just look at that excited little face, he was so happy wacking the Pinata, a little too happy.

Smashers are available in single packs, 3 packs and 8 packs. There's also Collectible Tins for storing them in and Buses for playing with them on. All the toys are available from today.

Prices start from £1 and range up to £19.99.

If you have sporty sons aged 4-11 then these are toys aimed at them. Do they play and/or watch sports? Do they know their footy players, cricketers and British Olympians? They will love these little toys if they do. Ryan is a huge sports fan, he loves to have a go at them all and now loves these little cuties. After opening just a few, he now wants them all.

Once you Smash them, You can Battle with them, Collect them and Store them.

Disclosure: We were sent our Smashers and a Pinata for free the purpose of this post. 
Our full review will be coming soon. 


  1. that looks like such fun - smashing it open!

    1. aw thank you, it sure was fun. I think he loved it a little too much if I'm honest x

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