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Monday, 11 December 2017

Making Bath Times Fun with Baby Born and her Interactive Bathtub with Foam #Review

Making Bath Times Fun with Baby Born and 
her Interactive Bathtub with Foam.

Bath times aren't always fun times for little ones. We have those times when they don't want to  get in and then we have those times when they don't want to get out. It's all fun and games in our house. My youngest two aren't too bad now that they're a bit older but my teen, well she's another story. Lily, my 10 year old likes baths but always wants to be doing something else instead so when I heard about Baby Born and her new interactive Bath Time range, I though they were worth a shot to make bath times more fun for Lily and her dolls.

Baby Born is one of Lily's favourite dolls and often shares her bath times as she's got a hard body but now she doesn't have to as she's got her very own bath tub and Wash Basin.

 The BABY Born Interactive Bathtub with Foam Play set is so lovely. There's lots of little features with this tub including a new foam feature which is the button on the right that you press or pump which makes bubbles. The hand held shower head really works too when you press the button on the right. There's also another button on the side of the bath that starts the LED lights and sounds. Baby Born's bath time has never been so much fun.

 Baby Born also gets her own rubber duckie which is cute. She looks like she's having the best bath time ever! I kinda wish I had a bath like this one for myself, it's that cool.

The BABY Born Water Fun Wash Basin is another great little toy. Not quite as fun as the bath but still lovely. It's a fully working vanity basin with a real water pump, it has cute lights and sounds too. The mirror lights up and the Baby Born tune plays out loud. There's a tumbler holder which holds her tooth brush and makes gargle and teeth cleaning sounds. The set includes a towel, towel holder, tumbler, toothbrush and duck plug. I think Baby Born really loves her ducks just like my Lily does which is a nice thing to have in common.

Lily loves her new Baby Born bath and often takes it into her baths now so they can both bath together. Bath times has got a whole lot more fun and we have Baby Born to thank.

Disclosure: We received our Baby Born Bath time range samples for free for the purpose of this review. All pictures and opinions expressed and used are 100% honest and our own.

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