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My Family

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Chad Valley Cupcake Animated Unicorn #Review

Chad Valley Cupcake Animated Unicorn

Our third Chad Valley Play Panel delivery brought us a beautiful new friend to play with, Cupcake the animated Unicorn. Isn't she lovely? This magical creature comes with 2 mini cupcake treats and a brush to brush her mane. Once you've added batteries (which are not included) you press her left ear to Press left ear to hear her neigh & whinny sound, see her head move and watch her nodding head, wiggling tail & walking movements. Press her right ear to hear her neigh & whinny sound, see her head movements and watch her nodding head and wiggling tail. She also makes the cutest chewing sounds when you put the cupcakes into her mouth. When you brush her mane gently she will move her head with glee. Lily loves Unicorns and now loves her new Cupcake Unicorn friend too. She's fab!

Cupcake the Animated Unicorn had a RRP of £49.99 but she's at a new great price right now which means you can get her for just £28.99 which is an amazing price for this toy.

She's pretty and pink and looks so sweet. Lily loves her sparkly unicorn horn and magical glittery wings. Cupcake has a beautiful pink mane and tail which is great fun to brush. Those bright blue eyes are just stunning too. Lily really loves her new friend and plays with her every day. They go for walks together (in the house of course) and play together all the time.

Please note that Cupcake is not a ride on toy and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. My 10 year old, Unicorn loving daughter Lily absolutely loves her new Unicorn friend Cupcake. No matter what you're age, I guess you're never too old to love Unicorns. Both Lily and I love Cupcake, she's a delightful toy to play with and makes Lily very happy.

 She's so lovely and really does bring a touch of magic into our home and lives.

Disclosure:  This review is written as part of our Chad Valley Play Panel Reviews.

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