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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Countdown is On! Children's Gift Guide - Something for All Budgets.

The Countdown is On! Children's Gift Guide.
Something for All Budgets.

It's finally November so I can now say the C Word - Christmas is coming!

I am so Excited! I LOVE Christmas.

This year I've broken down my Gift Guides into smaller chunks to keep them simple. Today I'm going to show you a few gift ideas for gifts for your children this year. There's something personal, something yummy and something a little more pricey, so there's something for all.

First off, there's something yummy. Family favourites, HARIBO have launched a rather Sweet Christmas range. There's lots of new products ranging from Starmix Tree Decorations to Selection Boxes. Festive sweets always come in handy and are perfect for a cheaper gift when you don't know someone too well and don't know what to buy them.

Next up is my something Personalised which comes from Personalise.Com. You can't beat that personal touch when it comes to Christmas, I love those every day items with the kids names on them. They sell a whole host of gifts for children of all ages. Their personalised towel, bottles and cushions are fantastic and come in low prices which is always great news.

 For the girls they have beautiful Disney Princess Cushions (£24.99) which are gorgeous. They're so big and plump, and really comfy. I love the pretty design of the five Disney Princesses together on the front and then the simple yet lovely personalised touch of their name added onto the back. With 5 Princesses there's sure to be one your child loves.

The cushions are available in many designs including Marvel and Star Wars too.

If you don't fancy a cushion, they also have lovely Disney Towels (£19.99) like the Moana one you can see below. It's a nice size and comes with a lovely design on the front. Again it comes personalised with your childs name on it but this time it's written across the front, not the back. I like the colours on this one as it's very unisex based, it's not pink or blue which is great because both boys and girls who love Disney Moana can enjoy this gift, perfect!

For the boys they have some cute yet very handy Football themed Water Bottles. My boy is a huge Aston Villa fan so it had to be a Villa Bottle (£12.99)  I really love this one as the football shirt on the back comes with his name across which is such a lovely touch. Ryan always has his name on the back of his shirts so this one will be no different which is ace.

Last but not least I have my something a little more pricey from Toy State. The Nikko Radio Controlled cars are awesome and come in lots of varieties and prices.  One of the cars available is the Nikko Velocitrax (£49.99) which comes in two colours, Electric Orange or Neon Green. It's aimed at girls and boys aged 8 years and above and comes with all it's batteries needed included. It's full-function remote control action has some fast and futuristic styling! One of it's main features is it's 360-degree spins and ultra-maneuverability that can handle any terrain so it's perfect for playing with on any surface both indoors and out.

It's the most expensive gift on my Gift Guide but if you're looking for a 'main' present then this could be the perfect choice. Radio Controlled cars are always fun and who doesn't love a car that can spin right the way round and travel over any surface. I'm sure the kids would have great fun trying this out on Christmas Day, my boy loves cars and will love this one.

So, there you have it. My first Children's Gift Guide for 2017. There will be more coming up so do watch this space if there's something else you are after. Christmas is Coming!


  1. I love the look of the Disney Princess Cushion. My girl would love that xx

    1. It's lovely Kim, much plumper than I was expecting x

  2. I would share it with my husband