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Monday, 18 September 2017

E.ON’s Savvy Shopping Blogger Challenge.

 E.ON’s Savvy Shopping Blogger Challenge. 

I love shopping, so when E.ON asked me to take part in their E.ON’s Savvy Shopping Blogger Challenge I just had to say YES! My mission was to take a note of my weekly spends and then try to save money on what I had bought. My shopping spends change quite a lot week by week so it was a little difficult but seeing as I've been busy getting ready for my holiday I used that as my main focus. Getting ready for a holiday can be so exciting but also very costly, so I was on a mission to save as much money as I could.

So, last weeks shopping consisted of a trip to the High Street to pick up some holiday essentials. I bought 4 bottles of Sun cream in Boots which cost me £28, that was a  total cost of £7 a bottle which is pretty pricey but seeing as the shop was close to home so I just got on with it. I also purchased my Shampoo and Conditioner bottle in Superdrug which again cost me almost £5 a bottle. Shopping on the High Street can be expensive when you just pick up what you need without properly looking around for the best price you can get.

Still on my local High Street I popped into New Look and bought myself a new hat and a pretty dress which just jumped into my basket, it was that pretty. Those two items cost me a total of £42 - oops. So in total I'd spend £80 on just sun cream, hair stuff and one outfit.  

E.ON have recently launched their Cap and Track 1 Year tariff which is a new dual fuel, fixed monthly Direct Debit tariff, which tracks the average price of all energy tariffs on the market and is priced below the market average. The tariff offers customers the simple reassurance that their energy prices will be tracked against the market average and that their bills won’t rise above those the cap they signed up to for the duration of their contract, but could fall further.  The aim of Cap and Track is to remove the hassle for people who don’t want to spend time shopping around but who still want the reassurance that their prices are fair and stable – with the important possibility that they could fall further too.

I was given some Top Tips from financial expert, Jasmine Birtles:

1. Haggle on and off the high street.
2. Be clever with coupons.
3. Buy in bulk. 
4. Time your purchases. 
5. Switch and save.

Apparently, people spend more than an hour a week shopping around for better deals, saving on average £660 a year. The main motivations for shopping around are:

1. Saving money (60%)
2. Feeling in control of finances (58%)
3. Feeling reassured about getting a good deal (45%)

So this week I took all those tips into consideration before I went off shopping again this week and have to say I had much more fun. Yes my shopping took me a little longer than last week but I got so much more for my money and saved a lot at the same time. I still had lots of holiday essentials to buy but this time I avoided the High Street and went online instead. My favourite place to shop is on Amazon so of course that is where I started out.

I needed more sun cream, so this time I used my Amazon Prime account to get some delivered. It was £7 a bottle and came with free delivery meaning I could buy as many bottles as I wanted without having to worry about carrying it all home because that stuff is really heavy, which is why I normally only buy a bottle or two at a time. I also got some Mosquito products to help protect me, they tend to like me a lot in foreign countries.

I also popped back into New look but this time I went straight to the Sale Rails. Going on Winter Sun holidays is great as the shops are all selling off their Summer stock getting ready for Autumn/Winter. I managed to find some really lovely items and saved a load of cash too. On the day I went they were offering an extra 20% off all sale items which was awesome. I got around nine items in total and all for less than £50 which saved me over £100 pounds. Shopping in the Sale Rails does take longer but it's well worth it.

It's been so much fun taking part in the  E.ON’s Savvy Shopping Blogger Challenge and I've learnt so much. The main thing I've learnt is not to impulse buy, it always pays off to take your time and look around for the best deal. Saving money does take time but it's worth it.

In total I think I saved well over £100, so I am very happy with myself - yay.

Disclosure: This is my Entry into the E.ON’s Savvy Shopping Blogger Challenge.


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